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  10 Jan 2022

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Hotel Checklists To Improve Your Hotel Service Delivery

A healthy human brain can hold a memory of about 5 million books. Yet, we usually forget tasks, especially when arranged in a sequence, due to ineptitude or ignorance.

A professional space, like a hotel, is characterized by multiple tasks handled by different personnel. Sometimes, these tasks may require different steps, and skipping a single action can affect productivity.

But how do organizations stay ahead of their multiple tasks?

Hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and other organizations stay ahead of their multiple tasks with the aid of checklists. These checklists can improve productivity by ensuring that every job is completed.

It is worth mentioning that a checklist is not the same as a to-do list. To-do lists are mostly used to aid memory by ensuring that you complete a list of tasks while a checklist is presented in a standard format.

A checklist has laid down steps to make tasks more manageable.

The Psychology Behind Checklist

There are many reasons why your team needs a hotel checklist. It is a great way to define goals and lay them down in manageable and strategic steps.

If you've attended a business seminar before, you'll understand why it is important to set SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound) goals.

Today, checklists help your team understand that goals can be achieved efficiently when divided into smaller steps. This will let every team member stay positive and motivated throughout the work process.

Smaller tasks are more inspiring and motivating because they leave workers feeling fulfilled. Whenever we feel fulfilled, our brain releases dopamine, a chemical linked to the feeling of motivation, learning, and pleasure.

Checking off a task from the list will cause the brain to release this chemical, and when this happens, we become motivated to check more items off.

It is important to note that the items on a checklist are not created equal. Also, the completed task must be meaningful or challenging for the brain to trigger dopamine release.

It is essential to ensure that the smaller goals are meaningful and give team members a sense of satisfaction. That way, they can stay motivated and continue with other tasks on the list.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider this when designing a hotel checklist.

Types Of Hotel Checklists

Running a hotel requires staying ahead of multiple tasks at once. There are currently different hotel checklists that you can use to keep your staff ahead of various tasks regardless of their position.

With these checklists, your staff can improve the quality of service that every guest receives, from inventory to housekeeping and more.

With a hotel checklist, you can easily standardize your guest's experience. In addition, by improving guest touchpoints with your hotel checklist, you can build loyalty and create a level of trust between the guests and your brand.

Hotel checklists are also a great way to improve ratings and increase the positive reviews of your hotel. This is because it ensures that you provide an excellent level of services that will let you earn your customer's loyalty.

There are different types of hotel checklists that your staff needs.

Disinfection Checklist

This checklist is designed to enhance cleaning efficiency. It is worth noting that cleaning is different from sanitizing or disinfecting.

Cleaning does not remove germs and microorganisms, but disinfecting does, which is why it's essential to augment cleaning with disinfecting.

The checklist is important because it helps prevent disease transmission in a hotel.

First, however, hotels must educate staff and other team members and emphasize the need to follow documented guidelines.

A disinfection checklist should include the following:

  • Hand sanitizer stations

  • Team training

  • Documentation tracking

  • Awareness training signage, which should include relevant signs for guests

  • Self-service lobby items removal

Room Inspection Checklist

Even though all the hotel components are essential, a hotel's core function is to provide aesthetically appealing, functional, and clean rooms for guests.

Therefore, a great deal of diligence, documentation, and attention to detail is required to keep rooms in service.

This checklist is designed to help staff ensure rooms are in proper condition. This is a critical checklist to use before a guest's check-in and after check-out.

Taking Rooms Out Of Order Checklist

This checklist completely removes inventory from a room, especially when a room is to be out of order for a while.

This checklist is designed to help your staff take rooms out of order and return them to service.

The sections to include in this checklist are:

  • Unplugging electrical items

  • Shutting down the water supply

  • Checking non-integrated OTA

  • Removing from PMS

  • General room checks

Bringing Rooms To Service Checklist

This checklist involves different tasks, including staffing. To effectively bring a room to service, all the items on the room checklist must be followed without missing a step.

This will also include replacing door locks and batteries and ensuring that everything is functioning and accessible.

Inventory Checklist

With this checklist, staff can access the availability of hotel supplies like food, beverages, and other complimentary items.

Bathroom Checklist

The bathroom checklist is to ensure that bathrooms are clean. It also ensures that inventory like soap, conditioner, and shampoo are available.

Housekeeping And Hotel Maintenance Checklist

The checklist is to help ensure that every area of the hotel is sanitized, clean, and presentable.

It also helps in monitoring maintenance like plumbing, fire protection, electrical work, security systems, deep cleaning, and power washing.

There are so many other examples of checklists that you could use to improve the quality of service in your hotel and keep your staff organized.

Checklists like restaurant health inspection checklist, hotel concierge checklist, spa safety checklists, health club safety checklist and more, can be added, depending on what your hotel has to offer.

Whichever hotel's checklist, the most important thing is to ensure that it can meet customers' demands and keep every staff motivated.

To achieve that, items on the lists should be meaningful enough.

Our Curated Checklist Templates for Your Hotel

Checking things is a way to ensure completeness and consistency, especially when carrying out tasks.

A checklist is a reliable tool for the hospitality industry because it improves the quality of hotel services and reduces failure.

With these hotel checklists below, you can keep all your staff ahead of their duties and responsibilities.

Hotel Room Inspection Checklist

The hotel room inspection tasks can vary depending on the hotel and other varying factors. The tasks are generally divided into subcategories to improve efficiency.

The subcategories included in ahotel room inspection checklistare:

  • Entrance inspection

  • Room inspection

  • Bathroom inspection

Hotel Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Even though it is important for every hotel area to be clean, the bathroom requires extra attention.

An unclean bathroom can turn a customer off, irrespective of the hotel's quality of service.

However, you can ensure that your staff clean bathrooms efficiently with a bathroom cleaning checklist. Ahotel bathroom cleaning checklistshould contain the following:

  • Safety tips

  • Shine the mirror

  • Clean the tub and shower

  • Disinfect the toilet

  • Scrub the sink

  • Clean the wastebasket

  • Mop the floor

  • Clean the cabinets

  • Unclog air vents

  • Wipe fixtures and faucet

Hotel Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Maintaining a clean kitchen is vital, and the best way to ensure that your staff cleans the kitchen correctly is by using ahotel kitchen cleaning checklist. The checklist should be combined with other cleaning checklists to improve efficiency.

A hotel kitchen cleaning checklist should contain the following:

  • Brush and clean the grill

  • Disinfect surfaces

  • Wipe cooking surfaces

  • Clean utensils

  • Wipe and clean dispensers

How To Enhance Hotel Checklists

Paper checklists can be easily misplaced or forgotten, which can alter the aim of creating a list.

Different tools likeGoogle Keep,Any.Do,Todoist, etc can help you develop various checklists for your hotel.

These tools have a user-friendly interface, and you can use existing templates to create your checklists.

Here are a few tips to help you enhance your hotel checklists:

  • Group similar tasks together

  • Create clear tasks

  • Group tasks in the same area of the hotel together

  • Include a single task for each checkbox

  • Leave space for hotel staff to make notes

When creating a hotel checklist, the most important thing is to ensure that all the tasks are easy to follow.

These tasks should also leave your staff feeling productive, motivated, and most of all, they should keep your team goal-oriented.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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