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  05 Apr 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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The Importance of a Property Management System to a Co Working Facility

A Co-Working Property Management System combines all the essentials needed to operate a successful co-working office into one easy-to-use software. From booking and rate control, to communicating with customers, you can rest assured that all your co-working office function needs are met. Furthermore, after integrating state-of-the-art technology such as Salesforce's Einstein Al, Twilio Flex, and Mobile Apps, Booking Ninjas can provide your property business with the flexibility and mobility it needs to thrive. 

Research shows that over a third of today's workforce is now comprised of independent or freelance professionals. With the demand so high for co-working spaces that enable enhanced collaboration, productivity, and job satisfaction, the need to implement an efficient PMS System into your business is crucial. 


A Co-Working Property Management Software allows you to save time by having built-in marketing and communication tools. This sophisticated client management tool helps you both create and maintain client relationships in one friendly platform. This benefit eliminates the risk of insufficient contact or reaching out to clients in ways they may consider pesky or unprofessional. 

Our software feature, Twilio Flex, a programmable contact center platform built into Booking Ninjas, easily stores and analyzes all client data. 

This increases routing flows by pairing your customers with the best agent based on the customer's needs and the agent's skills. You can customize how you reach your customers based on their preference: Chat, Messenger, WhatsApp and more. 

Co-working PMS also has single app control. This feature enables you to manage multiple office locations from one platform, all while maintaining quality of service. 

Gone are the days of your service suffering due to an overwhelming amount of locations. This benefit makes the task feel exclusive, as you can easily keep track of all your different offices in one place. 

And fear not if you are traveling. It doesn't matter if you are in France, Spain or the UK; with mobile apps easily accessible on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, you can take our great property management software features with you on the go.


You can easily implement any app through the Salesforce AppExchange to your PMS and keep track of budgets with a cloud-based accounting program. 

In addition, Co-working software provides a richer experience for all. Your tenants and staff enjoy a better work environment with a flexible, efficient management style. 

Independent and freelance workers have likely chosen their career path to avoid the rigid, disorganized atmosphere of the traditional business world, a PMS System ensures that they can take pleasure in their day to day tasks, and ensures that you can streamline the co-working office management process. 

With the booking engine software feature you can stay on top of bookings at all times. Automatic login portals for different roles allows the ability to display any information from the Booking Ninjas PMS on the portal. This creates a more personalized expedient communication between you and your customers. 

Another PMS Software feature, Room Rate Controller, allows you to update office rates on both the channel manager and booking engine whenever you see fit. 

You increase direct bookings by putting the power in your hands, get the best price for your offices with the help of Salesforce's Einstein Analytics, and set your own rules in the most informed method to date.

A co-working office should implement a Property Management System that makes their workflow easier and more efficient, while enabling their customers to thrive. 

Now with co-working spaces in demand more than ever before, businesses need a co-working software that is able to adapt and help manage their ebbs and flows. 

Booking Ninjas all in one place co-working software allows you to save time onboarding clients, manipulate rentals and vacancies to make more money, and utilize the benefits of digital tools essential to keeping up with the growth of the co-working space business.

Looking to learn more about our co-working PMS? Sign up for our next webinar, where our Founder and CEO demonstrates firsthand how our software can improve every aspect of your co-working facility.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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