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By: Josh OyetadeJosh Oyetade
  11 Apr 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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PMS Offers Solutions for Restaurants During Shutdown

Numbers for restaurant worker layoffs and furloughs are at an all-time high, with the U.S. Department of Labor reporting the industry lost 417,000 employees in the first 2 weeks of March alone. This staggering number is equivalent to two years of industry growth. Before March, the restaurant business had been consistently thriving for years. Due to the rising sickness and death count from COVID-19, states severely restricted dine-in services at restaurants to slow the spread. This change forced restaurants to protect their business by letting people go, consequently representing 60% of the total job losses for the month.

An immense amount of restaurant closings have occurred, and more are expected to be closing with a majority of businesses unable to make up for sales through take-out and delivery. Even large brands such as Chili’s are struggling, having only 35% of business being generated due to orders being limited to take-out. Small business owners are of course seeing an even more substantial loss and are even more at risk for restaurant closings.

Before the shutdown began, restaurants were hungry for employees. Even raising payment and offering top of the line benefits to encourage more fulfilled jobs. We know that the business will once again get back to its thriving nature, but until that point, it’s important that restaurants take all the necessary steps to ensure they’re ahead of the curve.

A Restaurant Property Management System can help give their business the best chance to survive the months ahead. A Restaurant PMS makes it easy for businesses to organize their workflow and helps them adapt to the current digital age.

An efficient Restaurant PMS, such as Booking Ninjas, has a seamless point of sales system integration that allows you to manage payments and utilize technology to start crunching your numbers from the moment a customer makes a purchase. This is extremely beneficial in times like these where every dollar counts in helping your business stay afloat during and after the pandemic. 

A Restaurant Property Management System also drives more customers to your website with a mobile booking engine. With restaurant closings being forced by the States, a fully functional online presence can be a business’ savior until the dine-in regulations are lifted. And if the current remote nature of your business is leaving you struggling to have effective communication between departments, an all-in-one availability grid within the Restaurant PMS ensures you can correspond with all necessary parties.

The situation of coronavirus has caused a lot of devastation to employers and employees’ lives. However, there is light at the of the tunnel and steps you can take right now to ease the discomfort.

If you want to learn about more features to help keep your restaurant business alive during the pandemic, then feel free to read more about our Restaurant Property Management System. You may also sign up for a free webinar with our CEO where he will demonstrate our property management system and answer all your questions. We know what solutions are needed during this trying time and have made them an integral part of our software. 

Also be sure to click through our YouTube channel which provides weekly videos detailing the benefits of the Booking Ninjas property management system!

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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