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  01 May 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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PMS For Country Clubs

With millions out of work and struggling to survive in the new reality that is coronavirus, one hospitality industry not garnering much sympathy due to the heirs surrounding them, are country clubs. Whether it’s their wealthy clientele, or the stigma of perceived snooty, elitist behavior, country clubs aren’t near the top of anyone’s list for doling out sympathy during these unprecedented times. Fair or not, the perception doesn’t take into account the staff working at these clubs.

With hundreds of golf and country clubs in the Greater New York Area, all drastically affected, management has an average of nearly 2,000 full-time employees per club to account for. That doesn’t include roughly 2,000 more seasonal employees who are also impacted. Management is now faced with the very difficult task of keeping these employees whole, or somewhere close to it, while also remaining operational under difficult guidelines, which don’t compliment their business model in any way. Clubs are doing all they can to stay open and provide as many of the lifestyle benefits as they normally would, while still adhering to safety regulations. They are all facing a new normal, as they attempt to adapt to closed dining rooms and health spa facilities, limitations on tee times, no guest privileges, new operating procedures and no events to speak of. Members now have new requests as it pertains to their safe exercise spaces, food orders, delivery options and a myriad of other requests that they expect for the annual dues that they are still paying. Without these dues, many country clubs would be forced into bankruptcy, and with that, thousands of lost jobs for their staff.


In reassessing their business models, it is vital for these businesses to consider their country club software. Organization is key when considering new employee hours, job assignments and operating procedures. The time for managers to implement reliable property management software, specifically designed for country clubs, has never been more important.

Booking Ninjas is one such company that provides variety with their property management software (PMS), for property managers working in a wide array of hospitality industries. They provide PMS for country clubs specifically, which streamlines the ability of club managers to adapt to changing times in order to benefit their employees. New schedules, assignments, direct deposits, and timely communication regarding new procedures all fall under the umbrella of PMS for country clubs.


Country club software must also cover the property management teams taking care of its members. Not just on the service end, with food delivery preferences and new operations guidelines, but on the property management side as well. Rental agreements, mortgage options, payment plans and more for the many renters and property owners in gated communities fall under the jurisdiction of some country clubs. Booking Ninjas offers PMS for country clubs that makes running all aspects of their businesses easier than ever. Booking Ninja PMS for country clubs connects the service and property management ends of business together in one place. With new rules and regulations popping up daily, preparation, proper equipment and adaptability will be the determining factors in securing the survival of these clubs through difficult times.

With a whole new normal being thrust upon country clubs, it is imperative that country club software be adapted to keep them in business. Not just for their members, but for the thousands of employees depending on them.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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