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  20 Nov 2020

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What Does a Metasearch Engine Do? Full Guide In 2020

Technology has given us a taste of how vital the internet is to human lives. We continuously surf the web for information, news, music, and even check for movies. For these reasons, search engines are designed to give you the exact results for your queries. 

Many people think Google is the only search engine in the networking world, but that is not true. Metasearch engines have been around for a long, long time now, and it started in the early 90s and 2000s as a direct competitor to other search giants like the Google search engine. 

Ever since its inception, this search engine became very popular with some geeks. In this article, you will learn a brief history of how the metasearch engine came into existence, what a metasearch engine means, and the advantages of using a metasearch engine.  

Brief History of Metasearch Engine

Like we stated in the introduction, the metasearch engine has been around since the early 90s and 2000s. In the early 90s, Daniel Dreilinger of Colorado State University did a project he called SearchSavvy, OG metasearch engine, go public. 

This metasearch engine collects users’ search terms and sends them to multiple search engines and directories before bringing out the results from each of these different search engines and directories. 

After the metasearch engine innovation, though it was promising and straightforward, many people first found it grossly non-reliable. Then, in 1995, a more accurate and reliable improvement, though not perfect, was made on the SearchSavvy by a student and professor at the University of Washington. They named this new search engine MetaCrawler. 

As time flew by, the MetaCrawler grew bigger in capacity and efficiency, and, today, it is up there with the prominent giants like Google search engine. Many users find it productive and reliable as though they use the Google search engine. 

What does Metasearch Engine mean?

Metasearch engine, otherwise known as a search aggregator, is a specialized form of search engine that collects users’ search term, query search engines, collect data from web engines, aggregate the result in just a list or categorize them based on the web search engines they come from, and then present the result to the user.

The results presented to the users are reliable and dependable, but the accuracy and precision are mostly affected by spam. Some users may decide to go online, then copy and paste a text for a metasearch engine to give results for. This action will ultimately reduce the accuracy of results, which may not be what the user wants. 

What does a Metasearch Engine do? 

Metasearch engines are miles ahead of some other standard search engines, online databases, and other forms of online information banks. They narrow down the expected massive search results is a plus. Below are the benefits of using a metasearch engine to get useful and reliable answers to your questions. 

1. Metasearch engines provide appropriate results

Metasearch engine has advantages over single search engines in many ways, and providing users with relevant results with utmost exertion is one. It eliminates users’ need to individually type in their queries from different engines to look for needed information or details. 

2. Maintains privacy 

Privacy is a significant element when it comes to networking, and the metasearch engine provides enough of that to maintain users’ queries. Unlike the Google search engine, users’ internet activities may be tracked as soon as they logged into a web browser with their Google mail account. Therefore, metasearch engines are very good at hiding a user’s IP address from the search engine queried. 

3. Swift execution

Nobody wants to wait an eternity before they can get results for their search query. Metasearch engines are adequately designed to execute search questions or terms with utmost accuracy and speed. Unless there is any form of spamming with the terms searched for, there is nearly 100% accuracy with the results users return. 

4. More information

Metasearch engines are mostly preferred to Google search engines and other search engines alike because, for every search web user makes, they get substantial, relevant information as a result. Therefore, they decide on the exact information they want from the lot, which is good since they all carry genuine content and details. 

5. Metasearch engines provide the best search results

There wouldn’t be any need to trust a search engine if its search results are not always reliable. Metasearch engines do well to send search queries to other multiple standard search engines to get more information. This aggregator uses the indexes built by these other standard search engines in a unique way to get reliable results for its users. 

6. Metasearch engines are useful to get an overview of a keyword

Not all users wish to be bored with excess information; therefore, users can use metasearch engines to get an overview of a search term or get swift answers to questions. This way, you cannot go through multiple search engines like the other standard search engine like Google, Yahoo, and many more. 

Disadvantages of Metasearch Engines

Metasearch engines have been around competing with search giants like Bing and Google for some time now, but their flaws are still there for all to see. The following are a few of the disadvantages attributed to using metasearch engines.

Metasearch engines have not maintained the accuracy standard search engine as Google gives to their users by providing an exact query syntax and fields. Therefore, forcing metasearch engine users to keep their search simple and basic.

Metasearch engines are susceptible to search spam

Even though metasearch engines are designed to aggregate results from tons of other standard engines, they still seem second best to other search engine giants. These search engine giants provide more than enough information, leaving users to pick from the lot.    

Final Thoughts 

Over the years, metasearch engines have proven to be a worthy competitor for other giant standard search engines, and their ability to take on any unusual search terms is just one of the reasons why you should consider using them. If you have any questions about metasearch engines or other questions, you can contact us. You can be sure to get 24/7 support from us.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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