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  07 Apr 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Residential Property Management Software During the Pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic hit New York especially hard. In scenes straight out of the Hollywood apocalypse genre, the city’s wealthiest citizens mostly fled for the hinterlands. This scenario is, in fact, as old as time. Romans running from the bubonic plague, ante-bellum southerners moving to higher ground to avoid yellow fever, the British Raj in India dodging malaria-ridden mosquitos during the monsoon season – if one can find commodious accommodation in times of peril, one takes to one’s heels.

As an owner of a residential rental property, the only way to be prepared in such cases is with the right residential property management software system, like Booking Ninjas. What happened this March in the Hamptons and in the Hudson Valley is a clear illustration why. 

Wealthy New York City dwellers, hemmed in as the virus bore down on Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs, looking to escape to their favorite vacation haunts…five months early. Overnight, rentals in charming enclaves throughout the state tripled in price. At a minimum, customers were asking to lease vacation homes for two weeks; many asked to stay for a year. 

How, as a property manager, do you stay on top of an onrush like this? With the Booking Ninjas pms system feature room rate controller. This genius platform allows you to instantly gauge what your property’s rooms are worth based on current market availability. It’s a property software system that lives in an app on your mobile device. It goes where you go, giving you real-time information so that you can set the best rates for your rental. 

Our residential property management software then allows you to update your room rates and your property’s availability, instantly, across all your media platforms and third-party booking sites. It is the property software you need at all times, but especially during a rush.

It’s frightening to think that pandemics could become the new normal. But, not only do we know they happen, we have all living through one. Realtors and booking managers in the Hudson Valley reported a wave of rental activity over seven days that was unlike anything they had ever experienced. They are quoted as saying they had never placed so many people in so many properties in a single week, and at prices that went beyond high summer season rates.

Time was clearly of the essence, here. The Booking Ninjas’ residential property management system allows you to update your property’s rates as the market around you changes. Our pms system then implements those changes across all of your property’s media platforms and third-party sites instantaneously. Thus, our pms system makes it easy for booking managers to find you and relay correct, real-time facts about your property to their clients. 

Property software technology is invaluable at a time when renters and real estate advisors need good information quickly. At the same time, our property software technology gives you the power you need to optimize your property’s rates. Without sophisticated property software like the Booking Ninjas room rate controller, you risk operating on old news and missing out on critical opportunities for your business.

You’ve worked hard to make your rental property comfortable and welcoming to strangers, especially during a tempest like a coronavirus. Booking Ninjas’ residential property management software is the partner you need to make the most empowered decisions, quickly; especially when your guests’ time, money, and health are demanding an answer.

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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