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  28 Apr 2022

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Marketing Strategy For Villas To Get More Bookings

Businesses in the hospitality industry are aware that proper marketing is essential for growth. Adopting the right marketing strategy for villas can help in bringing in massive bookings and boosting revenue.

In this article, you will learn about several marketing strategies for villas that are guaranteed to boost bookings in 2022.

Marketing The Right Product

Marketing is a powerful tool but, it is not magic. Your villa should meet a certain standard for these marketing strategies to be most effective.

Here are some key things to look into to make sure you’re marketing the right product.

Features & Amenities

There are core features that a villa should provide including in-house staff, a fully equipped kitchen, and a spacious living area.

Luxury villas can step up the amenities game by providing high-end features like a cinema room, spa facilities, and even sports facilities like a basketball court or mini-golf course.

These features and many more others are what are in high demand and make marketing your villa an easy job to do.

Staff & Services

Essential staff includes maids and housekeepers, handymen, chefs, security, and the villa manager. Other staff and services could include landscapers, spa therapists, fitness trainers, and more depending on the facilities available in your villa.

Members of your staff must be devoted to giving your guests the utmost satisfaction and they must be diligent in their work.

Villa managers use employee apps to monitor staff and ensure they have an efficient and centralized way to communicate with one another and management. Try the Booking Ninjas staff management app.


The best villas are a spectacle to behold. Their designs are intentional and express a unique aesthetic of what the villa’s brand represents.

The design of your villa; from interior design to furniture and architecture could heavily influence the way it is marketed and what audience will find it most appealing.

Not to worry, even if your villa isn’t designed to utmost perfection like many luxury villas, you can hire a professional photographer to capture it in its best light and find the best way to capture your villa in a way that is appealing to your target audience.

Top Villas Marketing Strategies in 2022

From social media marketing for villas to email marketing, here are the top villas marketing strategies drawing in the bookings in 2022.

Strategy and Analysis

Once you are confident that your villa is marketable, the next thing you need to do is come up with a marketing goal, a strategy for achieving that goal, and a way of analyzing the goals.

A good place to start is to list what you want to achieve and break this down into mini-goals. Make sure you can check results and allow for flexibility and change.

You need to have a digital marketing strategy that leverages all the online services you can get your hands on and ensures that as many avenues as possible are covered.

A marketing plan can be efficient and working with a professional brand strategist that could analyse what your business needs can be super helpful for your business.

An effective way to monitor your marketing campaigns with detailed reports and analysis is by using a villa management system that handles all of this for you.

Have A Professional Website

75% of consumers admit that they judge a business's credibility based on its website design. There is no room for a bad or mediocre website because for all you know your poor website could be the reason why your villa is not getting booked.

Your website is not only a tool to advertise and get bookings, but it is also the face of your business. It is your brand and often the first interaction a potential guest will have with your villa.

Having an ideal website is a combination of aesthetics/design and functionality. The site must be visually appealing to attract and engage their attention, while simultaneously providing visitors with useful information like rates and available dates and also performing tasks such as bookings and communications.

Professional Villa management software like Booking Ninjas helps villas create an intuitive and beautiful website with an in-built booking engine and other functionality. They can also enhance your already existing website to meet up with the standard of the villa website that pulls in more bookings.

Also, they provide website analytics to track your new vs returning visitors, see how your bounce rate changes over time, conduct AB tests on different landing pages, and fine-tune every aspect of your vacation rental marketing strategy.

Offer A Virtual Tour Of Your Property

If you’re looking for the best way to advertise a vacation rental, create a visual experience that people won’t soon forget.

Research has found that simply adding a video to a landing page can increase conversions by 86% . So if you’re still relying on the bare minimum of visual enticement, it’s time to take your listing’s user experience to the next level.

In addition to excellent high-resolution photos that capture your villa in the best light, it’s time to hire a skilled videographer to provide a breathtaking guided tour of the property and surrounding community.

There are luxury real estate photography services that offer Matterport technology that enables you to create and publish your 3D virtual tours using high-level cameras and VR technology.

Sure this might cost some money, especially for smaller villas but, statistics show that it is indeed worth it. Post stunning high-definition photos of every room and use drone videography and watch the bookings flood in.

Get Creative with Blogging and Copywriting

Your website copywriting content must be well-written and convincing. It’s good to have a blog for your villa’s website where you can give readers some value too, from top tips to how-to articles and more.

A blog is a great way to increase your internet presence and engage potential customers via content marketing strategies, which seek to simultaneously inform the reader of pertinent information about a topic while promoting some recognition of your villa.

Blogging as a marketing tool doesn’t just end on your website. You can also send articles to other sites and press releases to magazines and other publications. These might be print versions and online editions, local, regional, and international.

Blogging also allows you to debunk myths about villa rentals or your business, give clarity to your target audience and increase your search engine relevance which means more popularity for your villas, more potential customers learning about your villa, and in the end, more bookings.

List Your Property On Vacation Rental & Travel Directories

Travelers nowadays are becoming smarter and will consider many factors before booking a villa, especially when trying to find reviews and feedback. Travelers are going to go through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) like Trip Advisor and Airbnb before they book anything.

Registering your villa on these sites is essential in today’s world. When listing your villa on these sites, there are a few things you must do right to be a part of the conversation. Your description and the photos must be excellent.

The trick is to highlight your villas' luxury amenities and best qualities. When someone reads the description for the first time, that’s what they need to see.

Think about the features that will get people excited. Is there an in-house club or game room? A mini-golf course? The most exquisite features should be emphasized.

Of course, when customers start to show up, your villa must live up to their expectations. According to TripAdvisor, 53% of the people surveyed would not book a hotel that didn’t have online reviews . This goes to show that having a strong online presence is essential to the growth of your hotel and managing the reputation of your establishment.

Managing listings on multiple OTAs can be a nightmare. Booking Ninjas channel manager helps you easily list and sync your villas to the best listings such as Airbnb.

Have A Mailing List

Having a mailing list of potential clients is an excellent way to improve customer retention, promote deals, advertising openings, and build a lasting relationship that helps to keep people coming back.

A subscription sign-up or inquiry form on your website can drive contacts to your business more easily and help you acquire the e-mail addresses of your clients and website visitors.

Do Some Paid Advertising

From youtube to Linkedin, Google ads, and Instagram; there are plentiful outlets for paid advertising on the internet. Brand awareness can be increased by up to 80% through Google paid ads and Paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent - a 200% ROI rate. So if you’re looking for a sign to invest in paid ads; this is it.

Online paid advertising will generate valuable traffic to your website, create brand awareness, increase leads, and make sales.

Advertise On Luxury Magazines

To establish brand awareness, and to set yourself a cut above the rest, there are few avenues as rewarding as advertising in a luxury magazine.

Luxury magazines serve as the ultimate showcase for many businesses in the hospitality industry including villas. These magazines connect their loyal readers with fine establishments such as your villa.

Many of these magazines have an affluent and high-net-worth readership that enjoy spending their hard-earned cash on life’s finer things.


The bottom line is this if you want to boost bookings in 2022, you have to constantly work at improving your listings, your ads, and your website. Create a good brand on social media, invest in good Villas Management Software, and focus on customer satisfaction.

To provide the optimal guest experience, not a single one of these details must be neglected.

By simply being proactive regularly, you’ll achieve a massive competitive edge that will pay for itself time and time again.

Thus, it’s beneficial for hosts to leverage a channel manager to get the benefits of listing on Airbnb. Booking Ninjas channel manager supports Airbnb and you can easily list and sync your rental property to Airbnb.

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Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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