Attention, shoppers Compare 15 hotel PMS software at a glance thumbnail picture
By:Josh OyetadeJosh Oyetade
  25 Feb 2020

Attention, shoppers Compare 15 hotel PMS software at a glance

Chances are you aren't very happy with your current property management system (PMS). When someone asks you why, usually the reasons are more than you can list. 

Thankfully, we made a list - or chart, really - so you won't have to. We cover everything from a system's pricing and ease-of-use to responsiveness of tech support and security.

The next time you pitch your boss on changing your hotel's Property Management System, hit 'em with this chart! After all, we did assemble this from review data on Capterra and HotelTechReport. And if something's on the Internet, it must be true, right?  #facts

See Comparison report here

It's hard not to notice that Booking Ninjas dominates every category. Quite frankly, we wouldn't have entered the online property management system space if we couldn't. 

Booking Ninjas is the #1 Salesforce-backed hotel Property Management System on the platform. Our cloud-based hotel Property Management System is the leader in integrations to help customize features just for your business. While others may try to compete with our native artificial intelligence solutions, only Booking Ninjas provides you both the training and responsive tech support you need to master the application and win the day. 

A lot goes into the creation and maintenance of today's property management software. As the world's top hotels are in competition with each other and online travel agents, having an effective property management software is mandatory for success. Don't be left out of the new Industrial Revolution - data! Like, follow, and visit us at for hotel-related content.