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Bookingninjas Property Management System

Exclusive Features for Superior Country Club Management

We know the game - and how to win it. Reservations, greens fees, point-of-sale service, and more. Easy-to-use software for business success - all in one place.

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The Features You Need for Membership Club Management

Save time. Be more productive. Make more money. Enjoy the benefits of digital tools proven to deliver exceptional results.

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Sophisticated Client Management

Built-in marketing & communication tools to create and maintain the client relationship.

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Single App Control

Manage several office locations from one platform while maintaining quality of service.

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Richer Experience for All

Your tenants and staff enjoy a better work environment with a flexible, efficient management style.

Get Better with Age

Set the standard while celebrating tradition. While most country clubs hide outdated technology behind a culture of convention, step your game up to attract new members. Your club can be so much more with just the right membership management system. Don't settle for second-best.

Secure profits today with the coworking management software of tomorrow.

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3-point steps to get started

Get in Touch

To begin, simply schedule a brief intro call here. Our support team will be in touch at your desired date and time to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have about our PMS. Ready now? Call (917) 600-2345 to expedite the process.

Import Your Data

Our support team will assist you in transferring your hotel’s data into the application. Data migration takes just a few clicks.

Launch for Success

Good news! You just made a major improvement to your hotel. Open the Booking Ninjas app and start exploring all the tools that Booking Ninjas and Salesforce have to offer. Our 24hr live support team will always be there to answer any questions you encounter on the app. Want to know how to get the most out of our PMS features or your Salesforce cloud? We offer Salesforce consultations with our team of experts!
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Club management made easy. Starting at

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