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  24 Jan 2020

Why Great PMS Matters in 2020

If you've worked in a hotel, you know how much a powerful property management system (Property Management System) matters. Some 26% of hotel software budgets go to Property Management System software. They are designed to help you perform routine tasks easily and give great customer service. With the pace of changing technology and guest expectations, will today's Property Management System still matter in the future? Yes - but only if it's a great one.

Soar above in the cloud
Usually, those with the best technology - in any industry - wins. Watch how 5G cellular technology will transform everyday life with hyper-fast data transfer speeds and always-on connectivity. Our data, in general, is so large that it will have to rest on networks of servers, a.k.a. "the cloud."

Having a cloud-based Property Management System will be necessary to survive. Not only is it cheaper to run, but also it will be easier to use, with nothing to install. A connected Property Management System also should be accessible anytime by mobile device. With a cloud Property Management System, whose only job is the safety and security of your data, there is one less variable for which your business to worry.

Efficiency through unity

Good online-based Property Management System consolidates and integrates your most vital property functions in one place. Customized to your specifications, it should unite booking channels, accounting, payment methods, data tools, and more - all on one screen. And that screen could be a mobile device, allowing your staff the freedom of movement, with access to information, all over the property.

Dominate your data

If you've ever had a search engine search box autocomplete what you were about to search for, you've been positively touched by artificial intelligence. AI isn't all about the enslavement of the human race to our robot overlords (at least not yet). Artificial intelligence is automating and interpreting huge data sets to make us smarter at our jobs - and our lives just that much easier. There are all sorts of automation and machine learning to be applied in an AI-based Property Management System. The Property Management System of the future will provide you all manner of guest and business insights gleaned from your existing data. It will make reporting, marketing, retention, and guest analysis easy, automatic and insightful.

Happy staff, happy guests

So now we're in the cloud. Our Property Management System is humming along, fast, efficient, and very user-friendly. Everything is connected. Data analysis has made the company more money, leading to raises for all. Smaller hotels where employees wear many different hats especially love this Property Management System for having access to all of the property's main functions in one application all the time. Employee productivity is off the charts.

What's also keeping employees so productive is the lack of downtime. Client support is the single biggest pain point for Property Management System users. Making sure you have one with responsive tech support keeps staff free to do other things - and morale high. In a customer service industry like hospitality, happier employees treat guests better. Don't leave your Yelp review at the mercy of bad Property Management System!

Some 30% of hoteliers are planning on changing Property Management System suppliers. Another 8% plan on upgrading existing systems. The Property Management System of the future is the Property Management System of now.

To tap into tomorrow today, take a tour of Booking Ninjas, the world's foremost cloud-based, AI-enhanced Property Management System. Because for your hotel to matter tomorrow, you have to get started today.