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  23 Nov 2020

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The Complete Guide to Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains in the United States

You’ve got your travel plans solidified, a general idea of an itinerary, and the suitcases dusted off–but then your eyes land on your favorite furry friend (or friends!). Perhaps you’ve forgotten to ask your relatives to puppysit in time, your friends are out of town too, or it is too late to book a reservation for your pets to stay at their own resort for the time being. Maybe you plan on taking your dogs or cats with you; whatever the situation may be, it can be difficult to incorporate your pets into your travel plans, particularly when not all hotels allow pets–or even only allow certain kinds.

To be clear, if you are wondering about your service animal, hotels have separate policies about them under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Service animals are not generally considered “pets,” and since they provide assistance to their designated person, no matter where they are. Emotional service dogs and comfort and therapy animals are not covered under ADA, and businesses, including hotels, can have their own regulations regarding them, so keep that in mind as well.

Thankfully, more and more hotels are taking into consideration the permittance of pets and animals in hotel rooms, and if you’re looking for a complete and current list, then you’ve come to the right place! Let’s see who is willing to house you and your furry companion. Remember that each hotel may have their own definition of “pet-friendly,” so always be sure to double check on the specifics.

National Chains

DoubleTree, by Hilton, considers themselves pet-friendly, but be sure to call ahead at specific locations to make sure. They specifically have rooms that were designed for guests with pets in mind, and they pay extra attention to clean up after each visit to ensure a smooth transition between stays. However, since they do specialized clean-ups, they ask that you pay a nonrefundable service fee, a maximum of $75, to cover the cost. Keep that in mind as you lay out your budget for the trip!

Best Western, not just a national chain, prides itself on allowing not only dogs specifically but cats, birds, and other small animals also. They recognize that bringing your companion can be stressful at times, so most of their hotels prepare a list of parks and pet-friendly establishments, such as stores or restaurants in the area, for you to consider as well during your stay. There are a few specific guidelines that Best Westerns follow, though: refundable damage deposits of up to $150 and maximum weight of 80lbs per animal. Of course, check with each hotel specifically beforehand to make sure that you are aware of their specific requests.

Marriott hotels understand that owners may want their pets with them as they travel; that’s why they offer pet-friendly accommodations to their guests. They do not have general information on their requirements or requests, but they do mention that certain hotels and locations could have differing fees or restrictions to consider. While they are a little more vague on their stance with pets in their hotel rooms, they do make a point to express their welcome to pets traveling abroad with you.

Westin Hotels and Resorts is determined to offer the best vacation for you and your pet. Complete with a provided dog bed as well as other pet accommodations, the Westin allows your pet to stay with you along with no fees. The list of amenities that they offer for your pet is actually pretty extensive, including things such as bathrobes, cribs, newspapers, and mirrors for your extended furry family. It should be noted that they only allow animals that are mid-size or smaller, so take that into consideration when planning. 

Choice hotels have more than 3,500 pet-friendly options to choose from across the country. They actively encourage you to bring your pet with you on your trip, as they have a function on their website that allows you to specifically search for pet-friendly locations in every state. They even have reviews from pet owners who have previously visited their hotels so that you can read the thoughts of others on their (and their pet’s) experience. With an FAQ section that asks and answers questions about what “pet-friendly” means, whether pets can be left alone in the room, if there are weight or breed restrictions, you can determine what applies to you and your pet quickly. Take note, however, that most Choice hotels have a pet fee that applies per pet and per night, and they may only allow a certain number of pets, as well.

Things to consider

If you find that your travel plans and the pet-friendly hotels listed here are not matching up, be sure to check out more local hotels and resorts and look at their policies. All in all, you most likely will have to pay a fee in order to bring your buddy with you, but sometimes, anything is worth paying in order to travel with pets.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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