Understanding the Revenue Generation Index Is a Key Metric for Hotels
17 Jul 2024
Room Matching - The Process of Matching Students With Suitable Roommates
15 Jul 2024
Ensuring ADR Parity in the Hotel Industry Why It Matters
12 Jul 2024
Ensuring ADR Parity in the Hotel Industry: Why It Matters

ADR parity is essential for hotels, ensuring consistent room rates across all booking channels. It builds guest trust, enhances revenue management, and maintains positive OTA relationships. Booking Ninjas' system helps achieve this efficiently

Revenue Per Occupied Room
10 Jul 2024
Student Housing as a Service
08 Jul 2024
Segmentation in Hospitality Analyzing and Categorizing Guests
05 Jul 2024
Net Effective Rent The Actual Rent Students Pay After Discounts or Incentives
03 Jul 2024
Churn Rate - The Rate at Which Students Leave Housing Units
01 Jul 2024
Amenities ROI Return on investment for amenities added to student housing
28 Jun 2024
Student Housing Lease-up Period - The Time it Takes to Fill All Available Units
By: Admin
26 Jun 2024
Common Area Utilization - Measurement of How Often Common Areas Like Study Rooms
24 Jun 2024
Cancellation Rate in the Hospitality Industry A Comprehensive Glossary
20 Jun 2024

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