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  26 May 2020

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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The Importance of Using A Restaurant Management Software

Digital is The New Norm

Inventory control, bookkeeping, and managing customer payment. These are all important aspects of running a business, no doubt. Perhaps you find it tedious to carry out all said operations manually. Well, that’s just what a restaurant management software is for. And with our very own management service, you can get some of the workloads off yourself. 

It’s not really a recommendation to use management software, but more so a necessity. The world’s gone digital, and you are left in the dust. Making use of a restaurant management software not only makes your work easier but also enriches the customer experience and helps you make decisions to maximize profits. One thing though – don’t expect it to improve the quality of your food. That’s something best left to good old humans.


Inventory Control

No restaurant can survive without proper handling of inventory. You don’t want to be stranded with a low amount of ingredients during rush hour, or find half your foodstuffs expired.

A restaurant management system can help you log your inventory and keep track of them. You can monitor how much you currently have and the estimated date of exhaustion. With an RMS, You can also set a fixed date on the built-in calendar for automatic restocking. It can even help you determine expired goods, to prevent possible issues with health inspectors and diners alike.

Statistics can also be generated on the most and least demanded dishes so you’ll know popular demand and what dishes to dial down on.

With inventory control, you can save up on food and money.

Sales Tracking

Every smart restaurant management software records all transactions and provides data with which you can improve your business. For instance, knowing your best and worst-performing dishes, and most lucrative periods can help you make the right decisions on managing your business by stocking up on resources for such periods and increasing the availability of the dishes.

Financial Statement Preparation

A management software without the ability to create financial statements is pretty useless. You are running a business after all. At specified intervals, restaurant management software will calculate all transactions and expenses and prepare a financial statement. Tax, salaries, sales, and inventory are all taken into account to render a flawless statement. There’s no need to manually calculate finances with ever-changing variables increasing the chance of accruing errors. Management software can easily handle that. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should take a completely hands-off approach. You’re still expected to review things once in a while.

Staff Management

Keeping track of your staff’s attendance record and performance can be a Herculean task when doing so with spreadsheets. Luckily, with management software, this becomes a trivial issue. 

Workers will also be able to place in leave requests via the system, whether for vacations or health-related reasons. 

Performance reviews of staff can also be carried out with a management system. With the service, customers will be able to review the workers who attend to their needs. You’ll be able to easily tell your highest performing workers by taking a look at their stats and reward them accordingly.

A restaurant management software helps you not just manage your business, but also your staff.

How About The Customers?

Enough about the more managerial aspects. Let’s focus on your number one priority – the customers. Every good restaurant management service also offers an interface to grant customers access to features that help them achieve maximum satisfaction.


Online Reservations

With an online system, customers will be able to make reservations in advance from the comfort of their homes. Adios to scheduling conflicts. A restaurant management software ensures unavailable seats are marked as so and even sends a reminder to customers to reduce cases of no-shows. This ease of use will encourage more clients to patronize your business. Even without anyone at the desk, this aspect of your business will continue to move on without a hitch.

Online Ordering

If your customers won’t come to you, going out to them is easily achievable via management software. All they have to do is make orders after which staff is automatically dispatched to their locations.

This also makes it easier to monitor your customers, and generate data on sales made.

Having an online option for ordering also grants more access to customers who are physically incapable of leaving their homes.

One further advantage of online ordering for your business is the reduction of overbooking. You’ll run at a lower risk of running out of seats in your restaurant without enough resources to handle the situation.

POS Integration

No cash? No problem? Our restaurant management software integrates with your POS system to manage payments. With the AI-based Einstein technology, numbers are crunched from the moment of purchase. All that’s required is for your customers to possess a credit card for payment.

Mobile Payment

There’s no need for customers to walk around with cash, or even a card, in hand. With our mobile integration, they can conveniently make payments with their smartphones. This allows them to save money otherwise billed on credit card fees.

Mobile technology simply isn’t going anywhere. In fact, just under 30% of Americans exclusively use mobile transactions, and that number is only going to increase. A lot of your customers will certainly have a preference for mobile payment so it’s your duty to ensure it’s available.

More Effective Communication

No good business can thrive without feedback from its audience. Through our management software, diners can easily give feedback about their experience at your restaurant, and also advise you on areas to improve, be it the food, service, or aesthetics. 

This will help you get in sync with your patrons and gear your service to be more customer-friendly, which in turn will bolster your reputation in circles.

You’ll be sure to see your reviews become more positive and receive a whole lot more customers. 

Why Use Booking Ninjas?

With the use of Salesforce technology, Booking Ninjas brings you the best available solution for effectively managing your restaurant. Our service helps you to keep track of your waitlist and bookings, and also manage the status of all your patrons. With our world-class booking engine, it would be simple for guests to make reservations at your restaurant.

Worried about losing your current data? Have no fear. Our dedicated support team will assist you in migrating your business’ data into the service. It only takes a few clicks. 

And you don’t have to worry about lack of assistance – our customer support operates 24 hours and is sure to attend to your needs whenever.

So why not give us a try today? Booking Ninjas is all you need.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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