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  03 Jul 2022

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Corporate Housing Business Plan

The real estate sector is a huge one, with a lot of new enterprises popping up all the time. The corporate housing business is one of the many business options available to a prospective entrepreneur with a sufficient capital base.

Corporate housing is simply housing or accommodation provided by property owners for career people. Although the concept of being a career person has changed over the years, there is a certain demographic of people that corporate housing is made for, they include:

  • Creatives
  • Remote workers
  • Business owners
  • Professionals
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Researchers
  • Regular employees on assignments

You must develop your own business plan if you really want to build any rental property business at all. The purpose of developing a business plan before venturing into a business is to provide you with a blueprint for how you wish to set up, operate, and grow your company.

Within this article, we'll provide a sample corporate housing company business plan template to guide you through writing your own with minimal stress.

But first, let's go through everything you need to know to prepare your perfect corporate housing business plan.

What Is a Corporate Housing Business Plan

So what is a business plan? A business plan is a blueprint that outlines a business's goals and how it intends to accomplish them.

A corporate housing business plan lays forth a documented path for the company from a financial, marketing, and administrative aspect. Business plans can be used by both established businesses and startups.

How Can a Corporate Housing Business Plan Help You?

A corporate housing business plan may help you establish a clear objective, a defined company structure, and effective strategies. It can also help you successfully navigate through potential hurdles on your path and avoid costly business blunders.

Writing your concept down on paper also makes it appear more genuine and distinct. Furthermore, a business strategy is useful when explaining your ideas to partners and investors.

Overall, a company plan will assist you in navigating difficulties via thorough research and strategy development.

Let's explore the following sections on how to develop your business plan.

How To Write a Corporate Housing Business Plan?

It's generally a good idea to ask yourself a few questions before developing a business strategy. It would undoubtedly speed up and simplify the procedure. Some of the questions that you may ask yourself include:

  • What do you want to accomplish with your company?
  • Who do you want to reach out to?
  • What business model would you use?
  • What are your financial sources?
  • What is your business plan?

All of these clarifications will help determine what you will be getting yourself into.

After that, you may begin developing a business plan that includes all the components of your company.

You may simply write one by utilizing a free template online or by using a business plan software that would assist you with writing a versatile plan.

Things To Include In Your Corporate Housing Business Plan

This section will give you a brief overview of the segments you can include in your business plan to make it a well-rounded one. They are as follows:

Industry Overview

An industry overview provides a high-level overview of the corporate housing industry, as well as details of the industry's background history, geographic service areas, and products.

It also examines past trends and developmental stages in the real estate sector, as well as the variables that drive it. This helps to fully understand what you’re up against, the sentiments you share about being in the industry, and if you have doubts about carrying on.

Executive Summary

The executive summary part of your business plan includes a concise description of what the business represents. It may help the business in obtaining funding if it is adequately written. This is because it is sometimes the only page that an investor will read.

Experts generally advise that this part be prepared at the end of the business plan, irrespective of the fact that it belongs on the first page. This enables you to summarize your business ideas appropriately.

Company Description

This element would feature all significant information about your company, such as its location, services provided, and workforce.

It should include details about your company's history and current market position. You may also provide information about other projects in which you have participated.

Products and Services

To simplify this, the product and services part of your business plan explains why you're in business, the things that you offer, how you compare with existing products, and also how you fill a gap that no one else is filling.

For corporate housing the products and services aren’t mutually exclusive. A landlord provides both a product which is accommodation and a service which is providing utilities and maintenance.

For example, cleaning should be put in this section of your business plan because it is a service that you intend to offer.

Mission and vision

Your mission statement should motivate individuals to take action, while your vision statement should motivate them to aspire.

A problem, such as insufficient accommodation, or an objective, such as ensuring equality of access to luxurious living, might be mentioned in the mission statement.

Business structure

A corporate housing business structure refers to a business's regulatory structure, which has an impact on the company's daily activities. The purpose is to help understand the hierarchy of operation and responsibilities.

Since they're not needed to satisfy continuing obligations such as casting vote and shareholder meetings, a partnership and a sole proprietorship are straightforward to establish.

So depending on the paperwork and ownership status of the property and business in general, your business structure can either be simple, or complicated.

Swot analysis

SWOT stands for:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

This is an analysis that may help you discover how you stand out within the real estate competition, where you can thrive as a company, and where you are sensitive.

This simple technique also helps to identify your company's possibilities and risks.

Market analysis

This is one of the most important parts of any business plan. It enables your understanding of what you're dealing with.

Put everything you've learned about the industry in this section. Include information about your target market, communication methods, market presence, and so on.

It also is a good idea to do some competitor research and keep track of what your active and passive competitors are up to.

Generating Your Corporate Housing Marketing Strategy

While market analysis improves the ability to comprehend the industry, a marketing plan helps to penetrate the market. A marketing strategy is a calculated plan you generate through tactical thinking, for promoting and selling your market.

The most important thing to remember when creating a marketing plan is to keep your target demographic and brand recognition in mind. Furthermore, bear in mind that your branding strategy should resonate with the target audience.

Financial Plan

Another one of the most essential aspects of your strategic planning is this. This is especially true in the corporate housing industry. You can avoid money problems later on if you regulate your resources ahead of time.

The entirety of your financial records, funding alternatives, and criteria for expected cash flow and earnings are included in the financial plan section.

Sustainability and expansion strategy

Simply said, the sustainability section shows a business or company's strategy for building long-term value by considering how it operates in its environmental, social, and economic contexts.

In the real estate sector, sustainability is based on the notion that creating such strategies promotes the company’s longevity.

Expansion, as it implies, looks at every possibility of the business expanding and the potential changes it may make to the business both actively and passively.

This section is very important because it hands you a scale that helps roughly measure the longevity and possibilities of the business.

Management and Organization

This category contains details about your company's operations as well as your team members. Add your teammates' roles and duties, and the accomplishments they're making on their projects.

You'll be able to detect the weaknesses in your team and management framework if you write this part clearly and properly. This helps you to resolve those challenges quickly.

Personalize Your Business Plan

Every business is unique. So, don't be afraid to tailor your business plan to your specific interests. Customizing your business plan will clearly highlight your unique selling propositions, and this is good for branding.

Despite the fact that our sample business plans are designed to assist you in creating the ideal representation for your investors and clients, it is ultimately up to you to select how you will communicate your ideas best.

Corporate Housing Business Plan Summary

In summary, a strong business plan may guide you to having good finances, a sound marketing approach, a well-managed organization and team, and defined business goals.

Arranging the rhythm and layout of your company, as well as your resources, may go a long way in the corporate housing sector.

The success of an executive housing business is heavily reliant on well-executed strategies and well-managed funds. You must plan ahead to turn your business into a reliable source of secondary or primary income.

Furthermore, it simplifies and streamlines the process of doing your business. So, if you're willing to start your own corporate housing business, get ready now!

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Corporate Housing Business Plan Template

Are you thinking of creating a corporate housing company? If you answered yes, here is a FREE corporate housing business plan sample and feasibility report.

Final Thoughts

It's time to write your own business plan since you already know how to write one. Remember that while market analysis is important, execution is what matters.

Also, keep in mind that you'll require planning and operation tools to make the procedure of your business planning easier.

Also, remember that running a successful corporate housing business requires authentic property management to qualify the business and simplify the process.

Booking Ninjas corporate housing property management system provides core property management features like a simple and efficient booking engine system, in-house data report system, all-in-one availability grid, room rate controller, and communication services.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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