Common Area Utilization - Measurement of How Often Common Areas Like Study Rooms
24 Jun 2024
Cancellation Rate in the Hospitality Industry: A Comprehensive Glossary
20 Jun 2024
Average Length of Stay (ALOS) in Hotels: A Comprehensive Guide
18 Jun 2024
ARR Index
16 Jun 2024
ARR Index

Learn about the ARR Index, a key metric for comparing hotel room rates to competitors. Discover strategies for improving pricing and revenue to enhance your hotel's market position and profitability.

ARR (Average Room Rate)
13 Jun 2024
ARR (Average Room Rate)

Discover how Average Room Rate (ARR) measures hotel revenue performance, how it differs from ADR, and strategies for optimizing ARR through effective pricing and management. Learn how hotels set room rates and how ARR helps in revenue forecasting

Rental Yield - The Income Generated From Student Housing Units as a Percentage
09 Jun 2024
RevPASH: The Secret to Unlocking Your Restaurant's Revenue Potential
06 Jun 2024
Turn Rate - The Rate at Which Students Move In and Out of Housing Units
04 Jun 2024
Bed Fill Rate - The Percentage of Available Beds that are Currently Occupied
31 May 2024
The Scoop on Resort Fees: Unpacking the Hospitality Industry's Addon
29 May 2024
4 Questions About Hotel Turndown Service
27 May 2024
4 Questions About Hotel Turndown Service

Turndown service transforms hotel rooms into cozy havens with thoughtful touches. Future trends include personalization, sustainability, and smart technology integration.

What is a Hotel Rack Rate?
23 May 2024
What is a Hotel Rack Rate?

Rack rates, the maximum price for hotel rooms, are key for pricing strategies, revenue optimization, and brand perception. They simplify rate management and will increasingly use dynamic pricing and personalized experiences.

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