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Salesforce Consulting Services

Get more from the platform. Use our extensive experience to put the sales into your force



Our Salesforce experts come with over a decade of experience using the technologically advanced platform. We have the experience and ability to digitally transform your business through the technology of tomorrow. Our team creates custom, cloud-based Salesforce solutions unique to the needs of your business.

Embrace the transition to a better, more reliable system with the help of a trained Salesforce professional. Our consultants know how to get the most out of every Salesforce cloud. Much like the Booking Ninjas property management software can improve every aspect of your business, our Salesforce consultants can help you utilize the salesforce platform to its fullest capacity.

Most Salesforce users don’t realize they’re only using 50% of the tools that the digital platform provides. Our team wants to make sure that you are reaping the full benefits of the platform. There’s a reason we are the only property management system with an official app innovation partnership with Salesforce. They saw that we were representing their platform to the maximum level by utilizing their technology to the highest degree.

Below is a list of benefits that the digital solution finder provides, all of which we have an expertise in.

Marketing Cloud - icon

Marketing cloud

Guided training with the Salesforce-based Booking Ninjas application to manage customer campaigns and relationships. Learn how to attract millennials to your business with more personalized targeted marketing tactics.

Service Cloud - icon

Service Cloud

You won't get the run-around when it comes to PMS support with Booking Ninjas. Salesforce technology has the ability to bring you closer to your customers, extracting data from third party websites making customer interactions more personal.

Sales Cloud - icon

Sales Cloud

Use the power of artificial intelligence to close more deals with confidence. Einstein tools will help you focus more on the leads that have a higher chance to convert. Our consultants will walk you through the process of a sale, from lead generation to closing a deal with the use of state of the art technology.

Proprietary Einstein AI - icon

Proprietary Einstein AI

We do the learning, you do the earning. Automatically exploit customer data insights to spend more time selling. Einstein AI can be used universally throughout your business. Every department benefits from utilizing Einstein technology to its full capacity.

Plug Into Salesforce - icon

Plug into Salesforce

There are thousands of app integrations on the Salesforce AppExchange to take your platform to the next level. We'll help figure out the best ones for your business. And we would know: We run a PMS app on there called Booking Ninjas.

Mobile App Development - icon

Mobile App Development

Mobility has become a mandatory part of every hospitality business. Let our team of experts coach you through how to develop your company’s mobile applications using the Salesforce platform. Digital transformation will grow your business exponentially.

Community Cloud - icon

Community Cloud

Bring your fanbase closer together by getting the most out of Salesforce’s Community Cloud. With the digital age making the word smaller, communities have become very important to the growth of a business. Learn about Lightning Bolt, a tool to help you create branded community sites.


We are more than happy to interact with you before our consultation session. We want to get to know you. If you have any questions regarding what our consultation entails then please drop us a line below or call the number listed Monday through Friday during business hours.

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