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What exactly does Salesforce have to offer?

Marketing Cloud - icon

Marketing Cloud

A campaigning platform that provides guided training, marketing automation, personalized communications, remote capabilities, team collaboration.

Service Cloud - icon

Service Cloud

In this support portal, manage and assist your service teams, bolster your customer service, and optimize all methods of your service support for better results and higher efficiency.

Sales Cloud - icon

Sales Cloud

Salesforces’ CRM, where you can monitor your team performance, customer satisfaction, industry trends, and your company’s overall health.

Proprietary Einstein AI - icon

Einstein AI

The intuitive brains of Salesforces’ CRM will present its own suggestions on your customer data, predict upcoming trends, and help you monitor potential marketing opportunities.

Plug Into Salesforce - icon


Allowing businesses to connect and work together, this online network presents ways for companies to find business solutions quickly and efficiently.

Mobile App Development - icon

Mobile App Development

Together with the Lightning App Builder, the Customer 360 Platform delivers the opportunity to design and create your own app - no matter what markup language you use.

Community Cloud - icon

Community Builder

A website/portal launcher complete with customization options for templates and themes, branding suggestions, and access to gathered customer data from online traffic.

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Our Salesforce experts come with over a decade of experience using this technologically advanced platform. We have the experience and ability to digitally transform your business through the technology of tomorrow. Our team creates custom, cloud-based Salesforce solutions that are unique to the needs of your business.

Most Salesforce users don’t realize that they’re only using 50% of the tools that the digital platform provides. Our team wants to make sure that you are reaping the full benefits of the platform. There’s a reason we are the only property management system with an official app innovation partnership with Salesforce; they saw that we were representing their platform to the maximum level by using their technology to the highest degree.

Embrace the transition to a better, more reliable system with the help of one of our trained Salesforce professionals. Our consultants know how to get the most out of every Salesforce cloud and product. Much like the Booking Ninjas property management software can improve every aspect of your business, our Salesforce consultants can help you utilize the Salesforce platform to its fullest potential.


We are more than happy to interact with you before our consultation session. We want to get to know you. If you have any questions regarding what our consultation entails then please drop us a line below or call the number listed Monday through Friday during business hours.

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