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Implementation road map

Implementation road map

Bookingninjas Property Management System

2-4 weeks

The initial start of the journey would be the migration and formatting of current and future data from the existing system or database to Booking Ninjas.(unlimited historical data can be transferred and merged anytime after initial setup)

Bookingninjas Property Management System

5-10 days

The next step would be testing the channel manager, booking engine and payment processing terminals within a sandbox account. Optimizations to the business logic and/or design changes on the Booking Engine can also be done in this phase.

Bookingninjas Property Management System

2-6 weeks

Proceeding onto the confirmation of meeting all requirements, all business procedures which include invoicing, sending confirmations, workflows, group reservations are tested out. Custom reports would further be developed and retouched.

Implementation on Bookingninjas Property Management System


When the implementation process is nearly completed, key users will now be trained, educating them on new capabilities and polishing any procedures with their feedback taken into consideration.

1-2 weeks after the implementation, enjoy the convenience and the power of the application, creating a better customer experience than ever before

Time to go live. Channels are activated. EMV (Chip reader terminals) are now connected in the point of sale terminals and check-in platforms located in all properties