Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our blog! We want to present our clients and potential customers with the latest information on topics within the hospitality industry. Please read the sections below so that we can align your ideas with ours and proceed.

Who reads our content

Booking Ninjas offers its services to property managers in charge of a variety of businesses. For example, we work with hotels, hostels, student housing, senior living centers, restaurants, and other organizations in the hospitality field. If you are unsure as to whether your idea will be appropriate for our readers, please match it to the list of topics in the next section or contact a member of our content writing team.

Topics we cover - within the field of Property Management:

Digital Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Marketing Campaign Strategies
Data Security


Guest Post Submission Guidelines
  • Please make sure that your submission is between 800-1000 words. We will match the spacing, font, and other formatting options to our own design layout. It would be best if you sent it in a Word document.
  • Be sure to include credible references in your article, and please make sure that your information presented is relevant and accurate.
  • Since your article may be published on our blog, please keep in mind our company’s values and standards.

Submission Instructions

In the contact form below, you can either: send in an idea for a blog or submit the article already finished. Either way, we will get back to you and work with you on the possibility of your blog submission being accepted. Again, we appreciate your interest and your potential contribution!

Allow for uploading an attachment as well (optional)

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