Booking ninjas is

the property management solution (PMS) of the future. It’s an all-in-one platform packed with essential components such as booking and point-of-sale systems, but also has features like artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud and mobile accessibility for today’s users. Backed with Salesforce cloud technology, it is sure to make life and business easier for property managers and hoteliers.

Today’s digital users want
A reliable platform
A trustworthy experience
Instant operability
A clear interface
Accessibility on any device
Frictionless functionality
Product capabilities
  • Property Management System (PMS)
  • Booking Engine
  • Digital booking
  • Phone system integrations
  • Financial integrations
  • Housekeeping management
  • Ticketing systems
  • Point of sale(PoS) systems
  • Einstein Analytics (business intelligence/ Artificial intelligence)
  • Channel Manager
Other innovative features:
AI capabilities
A Salesforce cloud foundation
Over 50 integrations
Multiple customization options
Automatic updates
Constant upgrades
Customer segments:
Manage everything from reservations to housekeeping.
Oversee the guest experience and operations.
Property managers:
Service tenants and process invoices and payments.
Country clubs:
Keep facilities running smoothly, from staff operations to customer satisfaction.
Cater to businesses of all sizes to deliver excellent workplace experiences.
Keep amenities up-to-date and track reservations.
Student housing:
Ensure facilities are clean and maintained well with no damage.
Parking facilities:
Manage enforcement, payment collection, validation, and guest passes.
Business Challenges:
As the number of digital channels multiply, so do customer expectations. They want personalized, instant, and efficient experiences.
Legacy systems can’t scale with business growth and consumer demands.
Software solutions need to be compatible across multiple devices, like iOs and Android phones.
As the number of digital channels multiply, so do customer expectations. They want personalized, instant, and efficient experiences.

How we help

Booking Ninjas is an all-in-one solution that streamlines property management and hospitality operations. We take the guesswork out of tasks like analyzing guest data, managing finances, and improving guest and tenant experiences with our intuitive technology.

What we listen for:
  • We need a new PMS
  • Property management software
  • Hotel management software
  • We want to get out of our legacy platform
  • Cloud based property management solution
Key Sales Plays
Target Industries:

A need to access property information in any location, at any time.

Key Buyer:

Sales, Operations, Management

Target Industries:

Coworking and hospitality spaces, commercial real estate.

Target Industries:

Managing diverse business needs from a centralized application.

Key Buyer:

Management, Operations, Sales

Target Industries:

Hotels, resorts

Target Industries:

Needing customization and easy reporting.

Key Buyer:

Management, Operation, Sales

Target Industries:

Hotels, Resorts, Student housing, Storage.

Customer success story:
Worldwide Properties

Worldwide Properties group in Miami was struggling with their old legacy property management system (PMS) and point of sale (PoS) system. Their technology had limited customization options and reporting was frustrating. Overall, they felt this contributed to a poor guest experience. By turning to the Booking Ninjas platform, they were able to:

  • Run their business entirely on a secure cloud service
  • Deliver a modernized and improved booking experiences
  • Be in control and have more time to grow their business without any scalability worries.
  • Be more efficient: use staff time which improves the bottom line
  • Better visibility of their data to deliver better experiences
  • Reduce customer churn and abandonment rates
  • Generate a higher return on investment and increase revenue

The results?

They could access instant reporting and improve their guest service processes. Working with a more efficient system helped them service their guests better and more quickly, and deliver outstanding guest experiences.


Industrious, a leading US-based co-working space, had a variety of needs to fulfill. Industrious, with a company size of over 200, provides coworking spaces and manages events nationwide, which means managing several properties all at once. They also wanted the ability to access their property information in any location at any time of the day. Industrious turned to Booking Ninjas to help them incorporate digital solutions. Booking Ninjas’ platform had cloud capabilities, which was a perfect way to access several properties at once. Industrious could also integrate several applications from Salesforce AppExchange, the leading provider of business tools. Thanks to partnering with Booking Ninjas, Industrious could

  • Easily manage bookings and event
  • Enable them to have full control of invoicing, as well as reservation management and payment
  • Have greater control of their contract/eSign management processes
  • Use the Booking Engine

The results?

A Additionally, Industrious was able to access cutting-edge data analytics and forecasting methods thanks to Salesforce’s Einstein AI feature in the Booking Ninjas PMS. Industrious is making plans for the near future to include it as part of their business solutions structure. By working with Booking Ninjas, Industrious was able to deliver a great working experience to their guests and tenant.

CTY Books

CTY Books were looking to manage all of their operations digitally to get tasks done more quickly and efficiently. They also wanted to run their businesses run from a centralized application, and so they turned to the cloud-based Booking Ninjas. The results of the partnership were:

  • More QR code locks feature
  • Improved staff and guest communication, via Twili
  • Integration with Uber for guest transportation
  • Integrate a Channel Manager for centralized control of room availabilit
  • An advanced Booking Ninjas
  • A digital portal for agents, guests, staff, and vendors
  • POS integrations for seamless payments and transaction recording

The results?

With the help of the Booking Ninjas PMS, CTY Books will continue improving its digital advantage and achieve tremendous growth

Our core values


We work tirelessly for the success of both our client and ourselves and don’t settle for anything less.


We deliver unmatched attention to detail and the highest quality service for all of our partners.


We use two of the latest technological capabilities on the market today, Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing.


We set the bar for success high and work hard to maintain that level of achievement.