Steps for GDPR
Without a doubt, a large number of information is being collected of customers on a daily basis. Therefore the companies/institutions collecting these information should bear the responsibility of protecting this information too as it is a data protection right that customers have. The new GDPR act which is to be initiated in the EU makes sure this right and protection is provided.
What is GDPR
A new comprehensive data protection in the EU with effect from May 25, 2018. In a nutshell, GDPR works towards protecting personal data which are in liaise with rapid technological advancement, increased rates of globalization and complexed international flows of personal data. It reduces duplication and replaces current data protection laws with a uniformed set of rules for all EU member states. If you are processing personal data in the context of an organization established in the EU, the GDPR will apply to you, regardless of whether you are processing personal data in the EU or not.
Why GDPR is important?
  • The daily increased flow of private and personal information is being shared on a daily basis has made numerous security and data phishing attacks easier and possible. Sensitive information such as credit/debit card numbers, names etc should be protected and not be made vulnerable to such attacks
  • As a result of GDPR being placed, it requires the companies which collect information to be responsible of it. Therefore, customers would get an assurance and a sense of security due to the new regulation act. Customers who would have not trusted online exchange of information would also start believing in it.
  • Increasing number of EU based customers in America and vice versa makes it a priority for companies to get familiarised with the new policy and act accordingly.
  • Due to the competition restricting to only implementing GDPR, it creates an opportunity for sales force as they help customers and companies set up the GDPR process to gain a substantial competitive edge.
Our commitment
Compliance and
security in liaise with
GDPR policies
A stronger
relationship with
customers due to
assurance and
sense of security
Training and
guidance as to
how to be GDPR
New ideas
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with EU
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