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Superior Property Management System For Meeting Spaces

A Superior Property Management System That Will Modernize The Way You Do Event & Meeting Space Management

Manage your spaces on the go and make it easy for clients to book with you through a cloud-based, scalable platform that simplifies the end-to-end booking experience both for you and your customers.

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The Features You Need for Event Management

Save time. Maintain High Occupancy. Make more money. Enjoy the benefits of digital tools proven to deliver exceptional results.

Out with the old, in with the new - and for a good reason. With advances in technology over the past few years, the decision to run your business smarter and more seamless than ever is right within your fingertips. Save big in money and time by automating processes from payments, accounting, reporting, reservation management, and more. Pass these savings and convenience to your customers and let your space become their number one choice.

Superior Property Management System for events and meeting spaces Booking Ninjas

By the minute booking updates

There’s no need to be physically present to get real-time updates. Whether you attend that business trip or run a quick errand, you can monitor your bookings by the minute wherever and whenever you may be.

Management solutions for events Booking Ninjas

Occupancy reports

Easily generate occupancy reports to assess your sales and make data-backed business decisions faster aimed to improve or skyrocket your numbers.

Management solutions for meeting spaces Booking Ninjas


Generate and send invoices to suppliers and customers on time without the hassle. This important admin task won’t be taking up a bulk of your time anymore.

Management software for Meeting spaces and events Booking Ninjas

3-point steps to get started

Get in Touch

To begin, simply schedule a brief intro call here. Our support team will be in touch at your desired date and time to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have about our Property Management System. Ready now? Call (917) 600-2345 to expedite the process.

Import Your Data

Our support team will assist you in transferring your hotel’s data into the application. Data migration takes just a few clicks.

Launch for Success

Good news! You just made a major improvement to your hotel. Open the Booking Ninjas app and start exploring all the tools that Booking Ninjas and Salesforce have to offer. Our 24hr live support team will always be there to answer any questions you encounter on the app. Want to know how to get the most out of our Property Management System features or your Salesforce cloud? We offer Salesforce consultations with our team of experts!

Go Digital To Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Competitors

As more and more members of the traditional workforce start to understand and appreciate the gig economy, the number of startups and freelancers are expected to continuously grow in the next few years. With this trend, coworking facilities will definitely be more in demand. Only the best coworking management software will set you apart from your competition and make sure you get a good percentage of this increasing demand.

Booking software for meeting spaces and events Booking Ninjas

Event management made easy. Starting at

$25 per space / per month