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Factual information (such as measurements or statistics) used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation.

- Merriam-Webster
“The era of moving away from the material things in life.”

When electricity was first discovered, no individual would have predicted that it would be a necessity. However today, electricity is one of the basic needs in our daily lives.
Similarly, when the word “DATA” was used the first time in 1946, no one could have possibly predicted that it would be a necessity today and on the verge of becoming an even stronger necessity in the future.

The past situation

Business has been studying data throughout history. The Egyptians would take a census to manage building pyramids. Henry Ford would time assembly line speed. The 1950s brought us warehouse-sized computers that analyzed punch cards.

Whole industries have sprung up to interpret the vast amounts of data improved technology keeps giving us. Business intelligence, data mining, and search engine optimization grew out of industry's need to interpret all of its data and predict their future.

The current situation

The largest, most profitable companies in the world are data-driven. Amazon exploits data to deliver goods and services efficiently; Facebook sells access to its data set to advertisers; Google is in the business of organizing and presenting the world's data for free, easy use. Nearly every industry today depends on data, from medical and education to services and real property management.

Since information is power, those who understand, manage, and use data the best will always have a competitive advantage.

The future situation

The volume and quality of data will only continue to grow. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will become mandatory tools to process all the information. With wireless technology like 5G rolling out in 2020 and beyond, more of the business world will be online cloud-based. Because data is so powerful and the currency of our times, expect more regulation to set the rules of the playing field.

The livelihood of your business is at stake.

It can be growth at all costs or simply maintaining a competitive edge, but your business will need to unleash the power of data. When it comes to an all-in-one property management solution, you cannot afford second-best. Get started today to enjoy the power, progress, and profit of tomorrow. The future of your business depends on it.