Buying Process to help your organization improve efficiency

Phase 1
Discovery Session
(Up to 60 min)
This is where we engage in a series of discussion with you to know exactly what you want and how you want to get it. From this discussion, we will get valuable data like the dreams and goals for the near future in your business. We will make detailed analysis of your business structure so as to determine how much you stand to gain by adopting the BookingNinjas system. By taking this necessary step, we ensure maximum results from the application for your organization.
Are you determined to find a lasting solution for your organizational needs?
We ensure you are willing and ready to put in the necessary time, effort and resources to achieve the desired results.
You agree to offer adequate information to strategic personnel when needed.
You agree to keep business engagement honest and transparent and supply authentic feedback whenever possible.
Phase 2
Data Assessment
and Implementation Session
(Up to 30 min)
This is a continuation of phase 1. This is where we evaluate your existing data and how the transition process will be. The main objective of this phase is to ensure a smooth migration of your data. During this phase, we will observe how your data is stored, and will give you helpful advice regarding data exportation. We will also go further by helping you with the data importation and setting up of the application.
We are here to answer your questions whenever you are ready and capable to begin the process.
Phase 3
Presentation of
the application
(in person or webcast)
Up to 60 min
During this phase, we will bring the application directly to you. A meeting will be set up where we will elaborate more on the application and how exactly it works. A demo presentation of the application will be demonstrated so that you can see the workings of the system. A trial account will be set up for you so you can get a feel of the application. The data provided may be a sample data or your own data so as to provide a realistic experience. You can explore the application and get to know the full working power of the BookingNinjas application.
Phase 4
The trial account cerated in
phase 3 is tested and applied
in real time processes.

In order to innovate and take
your business to the next level, this is
collaborative process

Phase 5
Integrate the Booking Ninjas application
with your business process and see how much
value it brings to your business. Totally
enhance your income through change in all
factors that influence business growth.
Phase 6
Get all the available
tools and technologies
that can enhance your
business and provide innovations
to surpass your competitors

Speed of Development - Lightning Fast

Once the initial set-up is completed, you can take advantage and tap into our expertise anytime, customize your set-up even more once you start taking advantage of all the new capabilities you have

Phase 7
Continue receiving updates and customer advice from us. We aim for uninterrupted growth for our application users and also an improved customer experience, so we will be engaged in your growth mission until you achieve the goals you set.