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  30 Jun 2020

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Is a Property Management Company Right For Your Real Estate Investment

One of the top-notch decisions you can make as a real estate manager is choosing between hiring a property management company for dependable services or self-supervision. Most often than not, most of the real estate managers prefer to oversee their property by themselves. At the same time, some may employ the services of reliable employees, who are mostly resident managers. But property management companies lend a helping hand to the manager in making sure the estate investment is dependable and becomes a success in the long-run.  

A property management company can be a great deal to your business but doesn’t come for cheap. This company takes care of the daily task that ranges from finding and screening the right tenants, executing rental agreements, collecting rent, attending to the tenant’s complaints at the right time, to seeing to maintenance and repair. The factors discussed below would give you an insight into why you might want or need to hire a Property Management Company for your real estate investment. 

What Does a Property Management Company Do?

Property management companies have direct dealings with tenants and prospective ones. They stand to save you from the worry of how to market your rental investment, and they do well to save you some time and money. Businesses that involve customers are going to birth complaints, which must be attended to in no time. Here, a Property management company comes in to see these complaints and provide a lasting solution, thereby giving your investment an excellent customer service. 

Signs That You Might Need a Property Management Company 

- Many property/rental units: You might be due for a property management company services if you have a lot of property or rental units. The numbers might make efficient personal supervision an extremely difficult one. In this case, you might need to take advantage of a reliable management company. 

- If you don’t live near your property unit: Rental investment needs utmost supervision to make it the desired success. If you live far away from your rental properties, it might be high time you hired the services of a property management company to help you handle some critical responsibilities. This does well to ensure the functionality and longevity of your business. 

- Not interested in hands-on management: Most people just want to own properties for rentals but do not want to have anything to do with it. Therefore, they seek help with the property management company to help with the challenges of finding good tenants and maintaining their property, properly.

- Limited time: Most property owners might prefer hands-on management over entrusting property management companies with the management, maintenance, and marketing, yet you may not have the needed time to devote to the investment. In this case, a management company is a perfect way of putting your money where it should be. 

Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

A competent property company can add significant value to your property rental investment. This quality is one of the reasons most real estate investors have agreed to use the services of a credible property management company. Here are some of the invaluable benefits you can get from hiring a management company:

1. Higher Quality Tenants

Tenant screening is a critical process that plays a significant role in renting out one’s property to qualified tenants. It doesn’t look comfortable at all, particularly when you have a general lack of knowledge or experience of all aspects that are related to property management. This screening process looks to select tenants that will rent the property based on the owner’s desired time of the lease, long-term or short-term, cause minimal wear and tears, and those that would cause relatively fewer problems. 

Moreover, property management companies run a check on the applicants to check their criminal records and social security, and more interestingly, they get in touch with the past landlord(s) of the potential tenant to affirm their reputation.

2. Rent Collection

One of the key reasons why you should consider to trust a professional property management company is that they see to the timely collection of rents. It is a known fact that people may decide to give a landlord, particularly an inexperienced one, a tough time when it comes to renting collection. These management companies have a good combo of strategies and systems to ensure the enhancement of rent collection. 

Consistent cash flow can tell a significant distinction between a successful real estate investment and a failed one. In this case, rent collection must be timely and useful to make sure property management is not epileptic. 

3. Relatively Less Legal Problems

A high-quality property management company knows precisely what it means to only take in reasonable tenants with no criminal records, and that’s because a single bad tenant can pose a great deal of financial and legal nightmare.

This company is equipped with a good experience and firepower to tackle things like this and make sure it relieves you of potential lawsuits and vulnerabilities. Avoiding a lawsuit and hiring a professional landlord will pay a needed dividend by saving you some money, stress, and energy. 

4. Personal benefits to the Owner

Hiring a credible property management company gives you some high-quality benefits that are worth trading money for, the benefits include but not limited to, the following:

- Less stress: Entrusting your estate properties in the hands of a veteran landlord ultimately leaves you with just little to worry about concerning your investment. You won’t have to deal with stubborn tenants damaging your property, rambunctious tenants not paying up rents, lousy vendors, and others. The remuneration of the services provided by this company is worth it if stress-free can be assured.

- More freedom: Many landlords are running hands-on management who has to live close to their property to have closer supervision of their investment, thereby making your daily movement predictable. Hiring a management company can make you live far away from your property and collect the agreed monthly or yearly remittance without ever setting eyes on your property. 

- Free up more time: As they always say, “time is money.” A reliable property management company can free up some time to allow you to attend to some other issue of equal or higher significance. More notably, this free time can be spent with your family and friends while you are, rest assured of your being taken good care of. 

5. Better Tenant Retention

Getting tenants is one thing; spotting and retaining the better ones is another. Most of the time, tenants are seeded with their actions. Some tenants may choose to be a wreckage agent, while some may prove to be untidy. 

The property management company chooses who stays and who goes based on the violation of some laid down rules or company policy. Landlords who prefer hands-on management may find this excruciating and financially draining due to the lengthy processes involved in seeding out bad tenants from the good ones. 

One of the features of a kind property management company is having a tenant retention policy that is time tested. This feature helps in knowing long-term tenants and making them happy to stay longer.

6. Shorter periods of vacancy

No property owner wants to have a vacancy for a long time; it looks like a waste of space and time. It can be a really great ordeal looking for tenants now and then, but having a property management company do the running for you will be worth the money. They are experienced enough to know how to convince people to consider your property for rental. 

They do well to set standard customization of the property for rent and discuss a reasonable rent rate with you to prevent a long period of vacancy. High rent rate will definitely stir people away, particularly when the specification doesn’t match the price ask. After setting a rent rate, they market the property effectively.

How to Find a Good Property Management Company 

Knowing why a good property management company is right for your real estate investment is one thing; how to find one is another thing. If you ever decide to hire one, extra caution must be taken, and these are some of the guides to follow in choosing a good company for your investment:

- You can get a good property management company by getting recommendations from your friends and local estate rentals associations. 

- Have a crunch interview with a few mentioned companies to know if they will fit the bill and responsibilities. 

- You can search a few directories online to get in touch with the reputable companies which people have and can vouch for their services. 


Trusting people with their real estate investment can be a tough decision to make. Still, judging by the above-listed benefits and how to have a taste of them, you would know a competent and trustworthy landlord can be assuring. 

If you’ve read this article thoroughly, you should have an idea of finding a good, trustworthy, and reliable property landlord, because a property is a great asset that must be handled properly.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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