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  02 Oct 2023

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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Choosing a Residential Property Management Software: Full Guide

There are several things that real estate and property management businesses must stay on top of. You'll be managing tenants and keeping tabs on your finances/budgets in addition to monitoring maintenance operations. 

The best way to do that is with a property management software. However, because there are so many options available online, making a decision can be very difficult. 

It's crucial to choose the appropriate property management system. You'll reduce your stress, costs, and time significantly.

Online property management systems are available in a variety of features and prices. The majority of them provide multiple functions and solutions, which could greatly simplify your decision-making process.

Continue reading if you're a real estate investor or property manager seeking to minimise the difficulty of managing your business.

What is a Residential Property Management Software?

In case you don’t really understand what it is, specialised property management software is a system provided by „SaaS for hospitality“ experts to make a landlord's tasks easier. 

Serious minded real estate investors and property managers, as well as the people who work for them, should use these solutions.

This kind of software may manage routine managerial tasks for both residential and commercial properties. Tenants, lease, bookkeeping, and building upkeep are all monitored by a centralised system. 

Optimising manual planning is a property management system's key advantage. You won't need to keep track of anything by hand if you possess all the details about your renters, lease, and properties in one location.

Things to Consider About Your Business When Choosing a Property Management System 

Based on the function they provide, services related to property or facility management can be divided into different categories. 

Depending on the real estate task you find the most laborious, you can decide which property manahement system is ideal for you.

Here are some factors to consider:


You probably struggle to organise your schedule as a property manager. Keeping track of all the significant dates can be very challenging. 

In that situation, you should choose a solution that handles your properties on your behalf.

Dates that the tenants settle in and move-out as well as rental payments due dates are included, and additionally, you can keep meetings and worker or staff member schedules.

Tenant Oversight 

It's difficult to keep track of tenant communication and information, especially if you're a reputable property manager with lots of renters to oversee. However, you need to keep tabs on this knowledge because it is so important.

You may maintain occupancy rates by using a rental or property management solution created for this purpose. Additionally, you can look up the number of available flats and vacant ones. 

Also, you will be able to run credit reports, perform background checks, and keep comments about potential tenants.

Logistics and Transportation

You'll probably go to a lot of places as a property manager, mostly for tours and visits to your properties. Choose a property management tool in this situation that optimises your routes to allow for shorter, more fuel-efficient visits.

Bookkeeping and Billing

It's not really easy to manage your funds while handling a demanding responsibility like a homeownership or property management. A property management software that focuses on rent collection and finance can be used.

Maintaining a well-organized budget will also aid with taxes, accounting, and other tasks.

Listings for Homes and Neighbourhood Surveillance

The most appropriate solution for you will be a property listings system if all you want to do is advertise the properties you own.

You can use this kind of software to list your rental properties and evaluate the value of the nearby real estate.

Anyone in search of a productive strategy to sell the vacant residential properties in their portfolio should consider it.

Maintaining Records

Maintaining records is a challenging responsibility for any industry, not just real estate or property management. A residential property management software will keep track of your agreements for this task. 

Leases and contracts for insurance may also be managed by this type of software. 

Additionally, you can organise the documentation of any leasing applications, renter's insurance, and many other important things. 

Communication With Tenants and Feedback

Communication with tenants is one of the most significant responsibilities for a seasoned property manager. You and your tenants will have access to synchronised chat systems if you use a residential property management software that focuses on this feature.

You may communicate with your tenants about agreements, insurance coverage, leases, and rent using this kind of software.

Few Issues That are Specific to Residential Property Management

In comparison to managing commercial buildings, managing residential and multi-family properties presents a number of unique challenges. 

Some common problems with residential property management are as follows: 

Rental Property Subleasing

Tenants occasionally choose to sublease the property they are renting in order to increase their own income. Some people may voluntarily choose to give their family or friends a room for an extended period of time. 

By allowing tenants who are not listed on the lease to occupy the property, the property manager exposes themselves to further risk. 

The majority of property managers attempt to handle this issue in the lease agreement by including a provision that turns the lease into an exclusive agreement, allowing only the people named in the lease to occupy the space.

Establishing Pet Ownership Rules

Residential properties that allows pets might be a big selling component, but it can also bring new obligations and maintenance problems. 

This problem frequently makes managing multi-family properties more difficult. 

PMS for residential properties should carefully consider how to deal with pet ownership when drafting lease agreements, including what kinds of pets are permitted, what amount of pets are permitted per unit, as well as how to authenticate service pets.

For a residential rental property, these regulations must be unambiguous and consistently applied to prevent confusion and claims of favouritism.

Tenant Eviction 

In residential property management, eviction is a sensitive subject that is frequently handled improperly. A tenant must be evicted for an appropriate reason that does not contravene the terms of the lease or any relevant state or federal laws. 

Evictions must be handled correctly. For instance, according to some offices, the very last eviction requires to be executed by the Sheriff's office. This means the landlord or property manager cannot remove the tenant. 

The removal process must be presented in court after the tenant receives an eviction notice (and is not addressing the reason of the eviction, such as failure to pay rent).

Before beginning with this kind of process, it may be vital to speak with a lawyer who specialises in property law for the location where the removal is being considered because such procedures may vary from one state to the other or due to specific conditions.

How Does Residential Property Management Software Address These Issues?

Property managers can oversee their properties and deal with these problems in a number of ways with the aid of property management software. 

There are discrepancies in how various property management software packages handle typical problems (if they do so at all), as not all of them are made equal. Several advantages of property management software include the following:

Offering Online Portals for Rental Collection

Tenants can post their rent payments online thanks to built-in rental collection facilities in several property management software programmes. 

This frequently takes the shape of a mobile app geared towards renters, which tenants may download to their cellphones and utilise to make payments inside the app.

These tools substantially streamline the rent payment procedure; some even offer text message reminders to tenants to remind them when to make payments or the ability to set up automated bill payment to stop late rent payments. 

Additionally, sending money, checks, or money orders by mail may not be the most secure choice for tenants.

Furthermore, certain property management software programmes enable PMs to streamline the debt collection procedure, filing defaulting tenants with the right collections agency, declaring them to a credit bureau, and keeping track of the missed rent for possible use in the eviction procedure.

Enhancing Tenant and Property Manager Interactions 

Using certain residential property management software programmes can greatly improve communication between a property manager and his or her renters. 

Depending on the software, property managers and property owners may be able to notify their tenants of impending maintenance visits, property inspections, or prospective lease agreement modifications necessitated by changes in state or municipal laws.

By making renting easier, this may encourage tenants to extend their leases when their current ones expire.

Monitoring Revenue and Costs for Each Managed Property

The capacity to monitor revenue and expenditures for each individual rental property is another advantage shared by all property management software. 

This can help managers to figure out whether particular properties are profitable or a waste of resources. 

Property managers can then assess what factors, such as a high level of emergency repair expenses, unusual utility rates, or a high turnover rate at a certain property, are contributing to rises or losses in profitability.

Having greater insight into the properties they oversee enables property managers to improve their management techniques and cut down on unnecessary spending.

Increasing Scalability and Efficiency in Property Management

Property managers can respond to changing circumstances more swiftly thanks to some property management software's enhanced visibility into operations and interaction.

Property managers can: use some property management software programmes to:

  • Control their real estate listings.
  • Verify the progress of their rent collection efforts.
  • Create or modify automated processes to lighten their workload.

Monitoring Vital Tenant Information

Maintaining a healthy balance of business kinds in a retail commercial property might be essential for commercial property managers in order to retain tenants. 

To ensure that each firm can function (and, consequently, earn the revenue necessary to pay rent, avoid crowding too many enterprises with similar target clients into just one shared commercial location).

In order to prevent mistakenly placing direct rivals too close in proximity to one another, several property management software programmes keep track of important tenant information.

Additionally, some of these programmes can show information on tenant credit history and other criteria that are used to vet potential tenants before they sign a lease.

Monitoring the Cost of Public Area Maintenance for Residential Properties

Public area maintenance expenses for commercial residential properties can be tracked by a number of programmes for commercial property maintenance so that they can be equitably divided among all of the tenants occupying a particular facility. 

This ensures that the maintenance of the building's common areas is adequately supported and that tenants are neither overcharged nor undercharged for those costs.

Which Software is Best for Rental Property?

Booking Ninjas‘ residential property management system is a cloud-based property management tool that empowers managers of residential and commercial properties to take charge of every element of their operations, whether they are working in an office setting or completely from home. 

This includes managing online rent and payments, managing vacancies, scheduling maintenance, and keeping track of finances.

With options like tenant and agreement tracking, complete general ledger accounting, programmed rent and fee reminders, and on-demand reports, Booking Ninjas automates the rent cycle. 

Rent collection for the landlord may be automated, and property managers may accept online payments through Booking Ninja's tenant interface.

You need a residential property management system that features most, if not all of the solutions that your business needs. 

Key Takeaways

You'd be shocked at how much more productive you become if you use appropriate online property management software. You won't have to deal with the inconvenience of a poorly managed and demanding work life.

The best property management software keeps track of your spending and construction upgrades. 

Additionally, it will monitor your present and potential tenants and keep an eye on your properties. Ultimately, you'll be able to drastically cut down on manual planning.

Maintaining the properties you own has never been simpler now that you've followed our comprehensive guide to picking the best rental management software!

To learn more about the residential property management system and how it can help your rental property, schedule a call with us right now. 

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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