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  11 Jun 2021

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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5 Things to look out for in a good Property Management System

It was a stressful time when businesses had to use old-fashioned, paper-based methods to coordinate basic operational functions. Today, we have Property management systems often referred to as PMS, which present an efficient way of doing things by using automated, computerized systems.

There are a plethora of PMS in the market, which only makes it an even more difficult task to choose the right one. Trying to choose the right PMS for your establishment but confused on which way to go? Have no worries; in this article, we talk about the key things to look out for in a good property management system. 

General introduction to PMS

A property management system (PMS) is a software application for the operation of various businesses, especially in the hospitality industry. Property management systems are sometimes referred to as hotel management systems, and often people limit their services to being used in hotels. However, a property management system can be used in various organizations such as real estate, manufacturing, logistics, intellectual property, government, and commercial or residential rental properties.

Some people wonder - what exactly does a PMS do? What can it do for your business?

The best way to think of a PMS is as a centralized online system that manages day-to-day operations such as organizing, scheduling, account management, occupancy management, and much more.  They are the ultimate organizers for businesses that are looking to automate their workforce and maximize efficiency. 

Most professional property management depends on a PMS solution to maximize their business’ functionality. 

5 Things to look out for in a good property management system 

1. Cloud-based vs Traditional based: Before settling with a PMS of your choice, you need to understand if it is a traditional-based software or cloud-based software. By definition, a ‘cloud-based system allows users access to software applications that run on shared computing resources (for example, processing power, memory, and disk storage) via the Internet.’ At the same time, a traditionally based system takes place on physical hard drives and website servers. 

What you want is a cloud-based PMS. Not only is this cost-effective, but cloud-based systems will offer your establishment’s information and data to be secured, easily accessible, and flexible. Most PMS will mention if they are cloud-based; if not, you can simply ask before committing to their services.

2. Support system: An ideal property management system comes with helpful and readily available customer support. Look out for a PMS with a history of reliable customer support and detailed contact information to get in touch. 

Generally, a good PMS is supposed to help you streamline your establishment’s day-to-day activities, thereby enabling you to focus on your customers. A great PMS goes the extra mile and integrates with Customer relationship management (CRM) to enable seamless data flow from its database to the CRM. This way, most of your operations are automated, and you’re running a highly efficient business.

3. Easy and simple Integration: The last thing you need is a PMS that only adds to your workload and brings on a load of technical confusion in your establishment. You need a PMS that can be easily integrated with your current legacy systems and then modernize your operations. In addition, you need to look out for a property management system that easily integrates with other applications and software that you may need as well. Some integrations to look out for are integrations with CRM software, POS systems, AI, Booking engines, and financial integrations. A PMS which can provide you with these integrations is a well-rounded one. 

4. Transparency and honesty: In every business, transparency is highly rated. When it comes to pricing, the features that will be provided, and whatever other information you’d require before signing up for their services, the PMS should be able to provide these openly. It’s very easy to detect a service that isn’t being transparent. They offer prices that aren’t straightforward, their services and features are inconsistent, and they make loads of promises that reviews confirm they do not deliver. The safest way to find out how transparent a PMS is by opting for a trial if available or finding out more about them by getting on a meeting/call with them before signing up.

5. High-level Organization: You’re about to, in some ways, but the digital fate of your establishment into the hands of an external system. You must choose a PMS that is a high-level, high-performing organization. One which you can confidently hold accountable for running the digital management operations of your property. A high-level organization will usually possess characteristics: a quality management team, openness, continuous improvement of their product (PMS), long-term orientation, and quality employees.  


Irrespective of your establishment size or budget - switching up your management strategy to include digital automation and cloud-based computing of your establishment’s data is essential in the world we live in today. You could be doing yourself a disservice by refusing to implement a system that not only helps save money and time but also improves the overall functionality of your business and guest experiences. 

With that being said, choosing the right Property management system(PMS) could be tasking, but with the points highlighted above, screening out the good from the bad should be a walk in the park! 

A PMS that ticks all the boxes

The Booking Ninjas PMS possesses all the qualities you’re looking for in a PMS. From being cloud-based and being the only PMS integrated with the number one CRM globally - Salesforce, to being a hundred percent transparent and providing a support system that makes it our number 1 priority to leave our clients satisfied, Booking Ninjas is the way to go.

Still in doubt? We advocate for testing a product and asking all the vital questions before making any form of commitment. Start your trial today or schedule a meeting and see for yourself that this PMS does tick all the boxes.

Improve Your Property's Management, Operation & Revenue With Booking Ninjas Property Management System

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