Online Hostel
Management System

All-In-One Hostel Property Management System (PMS) To Manage Your Hostel In The Cloud

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Modernize Hostel Management

Booking Ninjas' Hostel Management Software offers a comprehensive set of features, ranging from multi-property management with a centralized guest profile to centralized accounting to help effectively automates your daily operations.

Booking Ninjas can be packaged with existing Salesforce integrations, reducing friction in accessing multiple parts of your current Salesforce system.

Features of Our Hostel Management System

Features to Increase Your Hostel Revenues

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Online Hostel Booking Software

  • Now you can handle reservations of varying room types, including group bookings.
  • What's more, our booking engine is commission-free! You can scale your online bookings without worry.

Channel Manager for Hostel

Manage all channels going in and out of your business digitally with our channel manager. Reduce discrepancy across all channels with our centralize reservation management, guest information management, rates update & more.

Get access to multiple distribution channels and manage them all in a single dashboard efficiently to get the best out of the exposure.

  • Siteminder
  • Hostelworld
  • HIHostels
  • Expedia
  • CTrip
  • Hostelss club
  • HostelGalaxy
  • Hostels247
  • And more
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Hostel Rate & Yield Management

  • Easily adjust your room rates based on room type, group occupancy or current market demands.
  • See a boost in your revenue when you implement these yield management strategies.

Features That Improves Your Hostel Guest Experience

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Hostel Reservation Software

  • Manage hostel beds and private rooms using our Central Reservation System (CRS).
  • Oversees room availability, rates, guest information, and payment processing while keeping track of the number of guests and room availability.

Centralized Guest Profiles &
Booking Data

  • Guest management tools to retrieve and organize all the information about your guests.
  • Helps you understand your guests better to create personalized experiences for them.
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Integrations with On-Premise

  • Increase overall productivity by integrating with on-premise hardware
  • Includes Doo Locking Systems, EM payment hardware, Case Drawer kicking and more.

Features That Assist Your Hostel Daily Operations

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Hostel Room Allocation System

  • Improve guest satisfaction by proactively assigning rooms digitally.
  • Assign rooms tailored precisely to guest preferences, budget, and the number of available rooms in your hostel all before they arrive.

Hostel Housekeeping Software

  • Seamlessly track and assign rooms for housekeeping in the system.
  • Guests can make housekeeping requests via your app, and recieve real-time updates on their request.
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Built-in POS Functionality

  • Our POS is integrated with th central PMS to make marketing, accounting, and other tasks a breeze.
  • Records transactions, process payments, and collects guest informtion for their booking.
  • You can even sell sundries over the counter and handle daily charges at the time of booking.

Integrated & Centralized Accounting Software

  • Tax Handling (different location-based tax)
  • Accrual basis accounting (End-of-day accounting process, Post accommodation, Fixed accounting periods)
  • Accounts Receivable / Corporate Customers (Direct Bill functionality, Charge routing to company master accounts)
  • OTA Deposit handling - the system records commissions that are prepaid by the guest to the OTA
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Hostel Security Management

  • Role-Based Security for users (profiles, role hierarchy)
  • User-level permissions for access to each location (private model for certain records)
  • Access restrictions - Login only from Whitelisted IPs for front line staff, access from anywhere for managers/admins

Hostel Performance Reports

  • Hostel performance reports that help drive informed decision-making.
  • Comprehensive summary encompasses crucial information on hostel fees, mess bills, inventory management, and other essential aspects.
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Booking Ninjas Hostel Management Software Price

Choose your preferred features and add-ons to build your ideal hostel management software.

The core Hostel PMS provides you with all the basic features that assist your daily hostel operations. Includes hostel reservation system, hostel analytics, security management, inventory management and employee management app.

Hostel Management System Add-Ons

Personalize your Hostel PMS by purchasing affordable add-ons to build an instance tailored to your establishment.

Booking Engine

Channel Manager

Data Analytics


Cash Register


Email App

Membership Module

Esign (Additional Api's)

Communications (paid by usage)


What is an online hostel management system

A hostel management system is software developed for managing various activities in the hostel. It manages activities including the student information, room information, mess bills, room allocation details, fee details and tracking of the number of students and availability of students.

Can I integrate my current booking engine/channel manager into your hostel management software?

Yes, our hostel management system integrates easily with a third-party booking engine/channel manager.

Will your hostel PMS support different regional taxes from different countries?

Yes, our hostel PMS supports regional taxes from different countries and is available worldwide

Can your hostel PMS manage the extra services we offer?

Our core hostel PMS can manage a handful of services from food services to rental services, events and more. Explore our full segments list here.

Can I get a demo of this hostel management system?

Yes, you can get a demo of our hostel management system by scheduling a demo . We recommend you take our Pre-demo survey to get the best out of your demo.

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