Easier management and control over online distribution by connecting you to hundreds of booking channels which include leading platforms such as booking.com, Airbnb, expedia, homeaway, VRBO, hotels.com and many more.

Update all your rates, availability and property stay requirements to all your online channels through Booking Ninjas easily and effortlessly.

The definition of “many channels, one centralised system”. Updating each of the booking channels or managing bookings through all these channels could be inefficient if missed. To reduce stress on not being able to capitalise on opportunities and to increase efficiency, Booking Ninjas will be the one stop for all channels to be managed.

Be it enterprise or small business applications, it is the #1 marketplace with apps that integrate perfectly with Booking Ninjas, which enables our clients to add on tremendous capabilities to the Booking Ninjas PMS, such as 2-way SMS and MMS possibilities, intelligence tools, mapping, e-signature and so much more.

Similar to all good programs, systems or even people, Booking ninjas integrate many other tools to make efficiency more greater and app integrations to make your life more easier. What more is that all these apps are available on the AppExchange therefore the hassle of searching for or implementing integration apps and software is passed by. Increasing Booking ninjas efficiency and capabilities to do much more than it is required to. Everyone would be in loop and upto date on what new is happening and therefore improves the circulation of information within the company/property or hotel.

Capitalize on a higher rate of bookings through a fully integrated booking engine, manage new and upcoming reservations, update rates and more directly through Booking Ninjas PMS.

Increase informative power among the guests and make bookings, reservations and price comparing easier by managing all reservations and bookings, and updating prices through Booking Ninjas PMS. The possibilities are broadened by the new and improved PMS.

An integrated cloud accounting solution within the application allows the importing and managing of all your transactions.

This includes recurring billing, managing transactions, turnkey financial reporting, custom dashboard, accounts payable, cash disbursements and more.

Transactions could be a burden for everyone and all properties, why worry or why delay payments when all your payments and transactions and reporting could be done by the Booking Ninjas PMS. Reporting and transactioning has never been easier.

Establish smooth connection with any other salesforce products on the platform through Booking Ninjas. Popular clouds which were successfully used by our clients:

Marketing Cloud
1-1 customer journeys built with the world’s most powerful digital marketing platform.

Analytics Cloud
Revolutionize how your company collects, analyses and distributes guest information. Link your historic datasets from multiple sources into one, in order to get faster responses and carry on with immediate action.

Internet of Things (IOT)
Connect any device, sensor, product, website or event stream.

Build custom business flows with our team using the data from any integrations or within the Booking Ninjas PMS, including property information, financial information etc.

Create better, meaningful relationships with your customers instead of being strictly transactional. The time has come to adopt new ways to work and communicate with your guests.

A large enterprise way of communication and choice of flow could be different to a smaller enterprise, however this is not always the case. Different properties may have different flows of communication, but all you need is a small amount of customisation and your choice would be your decision.

Room service or any other guest orders could be now handled directly via Booking Ninjas. Connect your food and beverage operations to Booking Ninjas today. Understand your guest preferences and acquire better insights.

Busy or not, a property will always have room orders to cater to and keep track of. At often times, room service requests could be at unexpected times. Less staff or a busy season, now you can deal with all the room service requests through the booking ninjas PMS. Make room service great again, for you and for the guest.

Integrate your Avaya, Cisco, Asterik, Broadsoft and Mitel Phone systems within your hotel with Booking Ninjas.

Major benefits would flow in as a result of integrating your phone system with Booking Ninjas PMS.

Improve customer satisfaction with screen pop and screen transfer, ensuring all information about a caller is at your agent’s fingertips.


Click on any phone field in Booking Ninjas and automatically dial using your softphone, handset or mobile extension of the hotel room.

Automatically capture your calls in Booking Ninjas PMS. Quickly add notes with configurable call log templates and wrap-up codes you define.

Easily transfer information captured and logged by an agent to any subsequent agents. Customers never have to repeat information, increasing customer satisfaction.

BUSINESS PROCESS INTEGRATION: Match your call handling to your business workflow with web configuration tools. Works with custom objects and IVR data.


Create a streamlined ticketing process for your guests for special events, routine venues or other activations.

One bar code, many situations the event would require.

Real time processing and notifications. Run campaigns which cater to attendee preference and more.

Why waste your time targetting or having many people in charge of updating events, when one effective system is all it takes. Let the Booking Ninjas PMS do the targeting and bar coding while you focus on what elements to be catered and other aspects.

Move on from the complicated and time-consuming processes to streamlined, convenient and efficient operations, managing all housekeeping and maintenance requests by syncing them with property reservations and guest preferences.

Issue and track work orders.

Real time notifications sent out to the staff for on-the-dot efficiency and customized enhancements based on your exact preferences.

Most of the time, the staff is not well informed of the maintenance requests and other information which would cause inefficiency. Why argue over who is wrong and who did not circulate the message, when you can spend more time being efficient. In a case where the staff member has to go hunting for the manager or the team leader, he/she would waste a large amount of time, however Booking Ninjas will help you reduce this wastage of time and make both yours and the staff member’s life more easier.

Grants full access to your customers, wherever and whenever they need access. Being identified plays a huge role in making the customer feel special and even “VIP”. Therefore it would definitely improve the relationship with the customer. Another advantage of access control is enabling the property to identify the customer’s exact preferences, choices and more, which would take customer satisfaction to completely new heights.

Biometric scans such as fingerprint scanners would be integrated to your Booking Ninjas PMS, which would alert and notify you if a regular or a fellow loyalty customer walks into your property. His preferences, likes/dislikes, tastes and expectations would be analysed by the system and presented right in front of your eyes at your fingertips.

Still following up if the task was done? Still spending more time on other tasks which restricts you from innovation and new ideas? Well it is certainly time to move on. Let Einstein AI be your saviour and take control of the long processes and following up, while you pay attention to the more important tasks which will allow your property and overall service to differentiate from the others.

Einstein AI is an integration of many components which includes a Prediction builder, Advanced analytics, Einstein bots, Einstein discovery and many more.

Analyse collected information for new/updated insights which will help you predict preferences, likes and dislikes. Get notifications when tasks needs to be completed and get to know the next best action by Einstein.