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Success Story: How HFTP Achieves 200% Better Efficiency by Working with Booking Ninjas?

A major part of our efforts here at Booking Ninjas is to drive towards creating a solution for hotels and property businesses, one so complete that it performs like a fully functional team of experts. By enabling native integration of unlimited tools onto our platform, we are well on our way there.
David Harroch Founder/CEO, Booking Ninjas
How Booking Ninjas came in

HFTP is an Authoritative Source in Hospitality Finance and Technology which actively supports and develops projects and resources to make them widely available to the hospitality industry. HFTP remains true to its core purpose: To lead and advance the hospitality profession by providing a forum for continuous learning and knowledge sharing. A big role HFTP plays in the hospitality industry is bringing together and organizing its expert networks, research, certification programs, information resources and conferences/events such as HITEC. The owner of the world's only hospitality-specific search engine,®, the organization is dedicated to providing value to the entire hospitality industry worldwide, running its operations from its headquarters in Austin, Texas, USA, with offices in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Dubai, and the Netherlands.

HFTP® constantly searches for ways to improve the lives of its members and stakeholders, including exposing them to various important information, introducing systems that could be of help, providing top-level research, as well as organize events and conferences.

As a result, there is an increasing need for:

  • Making hospitality business easier for members and stakeholders,
  • Handling of events/conference management,
  • Monitoring email marketing,
  • Improving engagement with stakeholders,
  • Management of members and stakeholders in a single portal, and
  • A single platform to take care of everything.

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