Internet Booking Engine Software

Internet Booking Engine Software

Our Booking Engine services cover website integration, data processing and handling and lots more.

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Helps Manage, Automate & Improve Your Bookings

The following are examples of properties our Booking Engine caters to:

Hotel Booking Engine

Student Housing Booking Engine

Coworking Space Booking Engine

Hostel Booking Engine

Clubs Booking Engine

Parking Facility Booking Engine

Villas Booking Engine

Apartment Units Booking Engine

Fully-Integrated With Our Property Management System (PMS)

Many booking engines are standalone systems needing further integration with a PMS to function. Our booking engine comes fully integrated with Booking Ninjas PMS, reducing complex integration needs.

  • Automatically sync all data with the PMS, reducing double entry need and easing confirmations.
  • Determine sales strategies and centralised management of your offer.
  • Create various sales strategies like discounts, special offers and promotions and get absolute control of the sales details, terms and conditions.

Simple Interface With Efficient Navigation For Fast Bookings

Designed for maximum efficiency, our Booking Engine comes with a simple and very easy interface for you and your guests.

Ensures your guests interact with the platform seamlessly while making reservations.

User-friendly Control Centre Guarantees Reliability On All Fronts

For Guests: Dashboard to view booking details, confirmation, cancellation and personal data management.

For Manager: Manage your commercial policy in one centralized control centre with room categories and products, company rates, general details, prices, restrictions and availability, promotion codes, etc.

Easily Turn Your Website Into Your Direct Booking Generator

Our Booking Engine software comes with easy-integration into your existing website.

Don't have a website? Use our drag & drop website builder to create one and increase direct booking instantly.

Direct booking reduces commission paid to third-party booking sites.

You own your guests and data. Improve business judgements from real-time data, and beat your competitors.

Make More Sales With Our Groups Feature

Enable Multi-room and Multi-rate plan booking to serve your clients better.

Group your plans, packages and offers to suit different client needs.

Connect, Authorize, Charge With Built-In Payments Gateway

Supported payment gateways are built into the booking engine and connected to other parts of our PMS.

Reduce the hassle of payment gateway integration.

Simplify payments and receive worldwide payments in a safe and secured manner.

We're Proudly Built & Hosted On Salesforce

Gain unrivalled access to Salesforce Experience Cloud features and boost the functionality of your business.

Enjoy Absolute Business Integration

  • Get data from any system connected to Salesforce to further improve your data integration.

Experience Management

  • Preconfigured and customizable dashboards to measure and analyze adoption, engagement, most popular groups, users, etc.

Salesforce Automation

  • Easily share data with partners, integrate third-party systems to centralize pricing, inventory, and more while avoiding channel conflicts

Auto-optimized Room Rate Controller Maximize Revenue

Our booking engine is connected to our Room Rate Controller, our AI engine.

The AI engine will optimize the room rate based on availability, current occupancy and more.

Increase revenues and efficiency automatically.

Room Availability Are Updated Across All Channels Automatically

Room availability based on the real-time room occupancy ensures no overbooking.

Your room availability is sync to OTAs Channel (i.e,, Airbnb, Expedia, etc) via our channel manager as well.

Our Pricing Reflects Our Premium Services

Our price relays the premium service our Booking Engine brings to your business.

Internet Booking Engine Software (Starts from Rp 0/per month)

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