Vehicle Parking
Management System

All-In-One Parking Property Management That Maximizes Your Parking Capacity & Revenues

Modernize Parking Management

Our PMS enables integration with multiple systems that used to be isolated. With this feature, you have automatic data collection of your properties. This makes you enjoy autonomous collation and analysis of previously discarded data. With accurate data at your disposal, business runs better, isn’t it?

You gain better business insights with combined data which reduces double entry for your sheets. You save time and money from this process.

Gain better insight into our hardware which enables parking barriers, ticketing machines, etc. With our barrier-free parking


Amazing Features of Our Intelligent Parking Control System That Meets Your Parking Management Needs

Our PMS is integrated with amazing features that enable easy car parking. These have been carefully selected and integrated into our PMS to work seamlessly on your applications. We do our research well and our findings have helped us develop these features to suit your very needs.

Parking Guidance System

This software provides real-time information regarding the occupation and availability of your parking space. See real-time data on your parking space and know available and occupied spaces.

This also allows you to reduce search time, decrease traffic congestion, and provide real-time occupancy data for your consumption. With this, you save more time in allocating new parking space and help your customers save time by reducing the congestion that usually occurs in parking spaces. All a customer needs is to arrive on time, get a good parking space, and leave without the hassle of congestion. You meet this need, and your business is off for a long and fruitful stay!

Parking Enforcement

Our PMS helps car park owners enforce rules in a very orderly manner devoid of rancour. With our application, you can monitor cars parked and ensure they are complying with the rules and regulations of your parking space.

You can also monitor the full process from start to finish to see if cars are parked in compliance with the parking rules and rates.

Permits Management

Our Parking Management System helps you gain total control over your parking facilities and who parks therein, at what time and the exact spot. This application gives you the right layout for your operations if you choose from the many options.

You can link permits easily to facilities or vehicles in your space, thereby, ensuring you adhere strictly to the approved number of spaces. Without law and compliance, business sucks. We keep this in mind.

It comes with a Flexible Parking Permit that has options for payments, distribution, configuration, and more. We know exactly what to do to move your business further!

Enjoy Flexible User Group Parking Allocation & Reservation With Our All-For-One Software

  • Get support for your parking allocation and reservation using our application. It supports flexible user grouping into easily-identifiable clusters. This helps with your management of space in your facility.
  • With this software, you can allocate parking lots based on user groups such as season parking, visitors, etc. This is important as it is flexible and can interchange as your customers change.

Why You Need A Parking Guidance System

  • If you must go for a modernized PMS, you should opt for one that provides real-time information regarding the occupation and availability of your parking space to customers or visitors. This will help you plan properly and ensure your property is in good shape as chaos is reduced from allocating already occupied space.
  • Reduce the search time for an available space and decrease traffic congestion.

Our Incredible Parking Enforcement Software Offers You Flexibility And Cool Control of Your Business

  • Booking Ninjas PMS comes with an incredible Parking Enforcement software that enables flexibility and control. It monitors parked cars to ensure they comply with parking regulations, rules and rates.
  • Our application manages all the enforcement processes with cameras, meters, license plate recognition and mobile payment systems.
  • Our PMS helps integrate these features, giving you more room to concentrate on your business. Great deal, isn’t it?

With Our Permits Management Software, Your Business Just Took A New Turn

  • We know the trouble associated with managing Parking Spaces. With our PMS Permits Management software, you can now manage and link these violations to the right offenders.
  • We also offer Flexible Parking Permits configuration to enable you to allocate flexible permits for customers.
  • Print parking permits with a start and end date to easily organise your space. This helps you plan accordingly as you know the duration of each space occupant.

Have Smoother Control Of Your Parking Space Using Our Parking Barrier & Ticketing Machine

  • Our PMS integrates these features which makes for smoother control and data collection.
  • With this, customers can use one ticket which gives them access to the parking slot, do all they need to, and leave with the same ticket.
  • Integration with supported parking barrier & ticketing machine for smoother control & data collection

Ensure The Safety Of Your Customers Using The Parking System Security & Access Control

  • Your customers can have access to your parking space based on the control levels you assign them. This gives you full control over your space and ensures you set the right boundaries to guarantee safety of your space and the cars therein. With this feature, you set rules that give access to different sets of people in your space.
  • Our PMS works with the latest technologies in modern parking systems to grant access to control systems.

We Know Data Is Important So We Provide Statistical Reporting & Analytics Of Your Business Transactions

What’s a business without data? Data is life. It puts figures and life to your business!

  • Booking Ninjas PMS provides real time occupancy tracking which affords you the opportunity to have on-the-spot analysis of occupied parking spaces and unoccupied ones. This helps you make more allocations without clashing and conflicting bookings. You reduce chaos and focus your interest on how best to grow your business.
  • We also provide occupancy forecasts to calculate or predict future occupancy of your parking space. This helps you plan ahead using the data provided and maintain your space between peak periods and non-peak periods.

Why Choose Booking Ninjas Parking Management System?

With our software, car parking is made simple as you can manage your inventory easily.

It is built on Salesforce to easily integrate with your existing Salesforce system and is able to extend its functionality with other Salesforce plugins. So tell me, what else do you need to come right aboard?

Booking Ninjas Parking Management System Price

Our price range reflects the pristine value we bring to your Parking Management business. You determine what value you get.

Starts from $ 0/month

With just  $ 0/month , you enjoy a variety of features that promise to help you scale up your work. This is why you should opt for our PMS as we can solve the following:

Guest Management
Reservation Management
User Management
Parking Inventory Management
Availability Hour Grid
Permit & Payment API
Reporting & Analytics
Mobile Apps

Get Bespoke Features Exclusive to Your Business
With Our Parking Management System Add-Ons

We know every business is unique and comes with specific needs to suit their clientele. This is why we have integrated great options as add-ons to cover the other aspects of your business you know best. Get tailor made features to meet your every needs. These include:

Booking Engine

Channel Manager

Data Analytics


Cash Register


Email App

Membership Module

Esign (Additional Api's)

Communications (paid by usage)


What is a parking management system

This is a system that brings an array of technological solutions to enable owners of car parks, manage their property and space. This helps them have total control over their property, allowing them to grant access to drivers to their space and totally controls the management of said space on a built and integrated system.

Booking Ninjas’ PMS ensures that the solutions it offers can be deployed to any environment using its top-notch software features. This provides an opportunity for Parking Space owners to design a custom-made experience that best suits them.

How to set up a parking management system?

You can schedule a call with us so we run a demo. If you are OK with the demo, you tell us extra add-ons you need and we’ll get the ball rolling.

To schedule a demo, book an appointment here.

Can you install this parking management system into an existing Salesforce organization?

Yes, you can.

Can I get a demo of your parking management system?

Yes, you can. Schedule a discovery call where we can get a grasp of your parking space and understand how best we can serve you.

From the discovery call, using the new information you included in the Pre-demo survey, we will book a demo where we show you how your best features can work when integrated into your system.

To begin, please fill this Pre-demo survey form to give us a better idea of your needs. From here, we can schedule a call for a demo.

Why is a smart parking system important?

Our PMS helps you scale up your business in many ways. When you deploy our PMS, you increase your revenue and manage your parking space effectively.

We provide Parking Guidance System, Parking Enforcement and Permits Management tailored absolutely to meet your business needs.

What are the benefits of smart parking for drivers?

Smart parking enables drivers the opportunity to book ahead of their journeys. It is easier to leave your house when you know you have an available parking spot which is safe and convenient and helps you perform other tasks of the day easily without worry of break ins and other shenanigans.

It saves them time and money they’ll use in seeking available parking slots.

It gives them the security that their cars are safe and well looked after.

You can plan your route before you leave home, making it possible to also plan your day. Makes for more productivity.

Who should use a parking management system?

Parking Management System can be used by operators and managers of properties. These include:

  • Higher Education
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Municipalities
  • Corporate campuses
  • Operators
  • Parks
  • Road Marking Systems
  • Traffic Management
  • Local Public Transport

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