Our All-In-one Campground Management System Solution Increases Your Revenue

All-In-One RV Park & Campground Management System

Thanks to our all-in-one RV Park & Campground management system, you can monitor and customize all your campground operations and create more revenue-driving possibilities for your business.

Spend less time and resources, make more money and keep your campers happy!

Online Campground Booking Software Manages Bookings Directly

  • Never have to pay a third-party platform commission fee again - with the Booking Ninjas RV Park & Campground management system, your campers can make bookings directy from your website.
  • Our responsive online booking engine for your campground’s website is fully integrated with our Property Management System (PMS).
  • Booking Engine automatically collects, schedules, and inputs bookings into the PMS; saving you time and avoiding scheduling blunders.

Camp Management Solution with Channel Manager

  • Create more sources of bookings by using our channel manager tool. It allows you to list on 100+ OTAs, including Airbnb, Trivago, and Booking.com; making sure your RV Park gets the audience that it deserves
  • Comes with a single, intuitive dashboard for managing all your channels, making sure you never get overwhelmed.
  • Also allows you to sync your promotions and run multiple promotions across multiple platforms.

RV Park Revenue & Yield Management Software Optimises Your Booking Rates Based On Occupancy Level

  • Handle your yield and revenue management with AI! Our Room Rate Controller (RRC) tool is an AI-Based Pricing System that automatically sets the price to the most lucrative amount based on several market conditions.
  • Using the reservation system and our Room Rate Controller (RRC), gain better control over your inventories and set rates for different time chunks from months, weeks, day, and even down to hours.
  • Save time manually changing rates and make the most out of your campground spaces
  • Also, set your rates ahead of time, and they’d be adjusted automatically even if you’re unavailable.

Central Reservation System (CRS) Improves Your Campsite Guest Experience

  • With features including Daily Dashboard (Arrivals, Departures, Etc.), Event Planner, Guestbook with Reservation History and more, our reservation management system helps simplify day-to-day reservation operations and saves you both time and money.
  • Comes with an Availability Hour Grid (AHG) which helps you manage the availability of your camp spots and RV spaces. You can filter available spots and search for reservations easily.
  • Gain total control of the individual reservation, group reservation, assigning of campsites and RV parking spaces.

Guest Management System Helps You Stay on Top of Guest Needs & Data

  • Easily manage reservations - Check-in campers, issue refunds, print parking passes, extend reservations, and add notes onto upcoming bookings—all from one grid.
  • Intuitive Guest Portal is available for campers to perform tasks such as order housekeeping, order add-ons, drop a review, change payment method, view purchase history, and more. All details are saved and kept safe on the system.
  • Group booking and group invoicing are made easier than ever right from the booking process with the guest management features.

Camp Spot Allocation System Improves Day-to-day Operations

  • Get support for your camp spot allocation and reservation using our application. This helps with the management of camp spots and RV spaces in your facility.
  • With this software, you can allocate camp spots based on user groups such as season parking, visitors, etc.
  • Reduce your campers' search time for available space and decrease congestion or camp spot booking clash

Built-In POS Functionality Simplifies Operational Tasks

  • Built-in POS that supports integration with popular or your preferred custom payment gateway to make receiving payments hitch-free.
  • The payment gateway is completely safe and fully integrated with our system, making sure all your payments are received, documented, and collected.
  • The payment system can integrate with hardware terminals such as POS machines to record and sync all transactions with the rest of the software.

Integrated & Centralised Accounting Manages Your Finances

  • Our add-on accounting software simplifies data collection & automates bookkeeping, shortening the time you spend preparing your account consolidation..
  • Helps you reduce the complications of tax filings by automatically calculating sales tax and preparing tax forms for you (based on your tax law & specified format).
  • Collection of data across the PMS and identification of duplicates help you reduce double-entry of financial data
  • Integrate your favorite third-party accounting system and easily migrate data into our accounting system for easy consolidation.

Campsite Performance Reports Improves & Simplify Decision-Making

  • Payment data, PMS data, reservations data, and more are all automatically collected, synced, and made accessible in the form of reports.
  • Leverage on-the-go analytics accessed via web portal / mobile app so you can check the progress of your business from the comfort of wherever you are.
  • We can create your personalized operational reports if there is specific information you want to see.
  • View reports in real-time 24/7 or downloaded on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Our Camp Systems Pricing

Our campground management system packages start at $150 / unit/ month!

Why Booking Ninjas has the Best Camp Management Software?

We surveyed hundreds of RV park and campground owners like you & shaped our software around your needs. With a few clicks, you can take online reservations, process payments, & control your inventory of sites.

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • An all-in-one solution, all on one single platform, saving you a lot of time so you can focus on revenue generation
  • Operational Consistency and Continuous Improvement
  • Free Employee Communications and Onboarding
  • Cloud-based and mobile-friendly application so you can access the system and data anywhere and everywhere
  • Built on the #1 CRM provider in the world; Salesforce and comes with all the extra Salesforce features and integrations.
  • You save time, effort, and headaches because the system is easy to learn, use and control
  • Customizable to fit your personalized RV park/campground-specific needs

FAQ on our Campspot Reservation System

What are the various types of campground software programs?

Booking Ninjas, Astra, and Campground Master are currently the most recommended software used for short-term stays at RV Park and campgrounds. They offer cost-effective campground and RV park management software with services including a booking engine, reservation management, email marketing, and more.

What are the challenges faced by campground owners?

Campground owners face a lot of challenges; some are location-based such as weather & climate and natural disasters. However, the most common challenges faced by campground owners are financial; including difficulty building revenue, keeping up with fluctuating rates, and attracting loyal customers.

How to select the best campground reservation software for your camping business?

When choosing software for campground reservation management, there are a few things you must consider. These include -

  • Ease of use of the software
  • Opt for cloud-based software. Find out more about cloud vs on-premise software.
  • Choose a software that can integrate with third-party applications
  • Always try out a demo or free trial first before subscribing

What types of sites can be managed using RV campground management software?

From off-grid campsites and government-owned campsites to family campgrounds and lap of luxury RV campgrounds; an RV campground management software like Booking Ninjas is built to be customizable and suit each different use case.

How can you market your campground using our RV park management system?

Booking Ninjas RV campground management system comes with inbuilt marketing features such as a channel manager which helps list and manage your RV park/campground on multiple booking platforms. Also includes email marketing tools, social media integrations, and guest data analysis and reports helping you offer personalized services to your campers.

What are the various integrations available with our campground software?

  • 100+ OTAs and booking sites including Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor & Trivago
  • Salesforce Appexchange integrations
  • Tableau integration for Data visualization & analysis
  • Slack integration and more.

Note: The system is integratable with existing applications you use in your business.

Speak to Our Campground Management Specialist

Our campground management system is here to help you centralize all operations (including bookings, accounting, and marketing) involved in running your RV park and campground.

A bit hesitant to hop on the campground management system train? Schedule a call with our campground management specialist to discover if this will be the right step for your RV park business.

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