Salesforce For Property Management

Salesforce For Property Management

Booking Ninjas is the first & only full-featured PMS that is built on Salesforce. You can now leverage the power of Salesforce in your property management system.

  • Easily automate your operations with a flexible cloud enterprise.
  • Enjoy easy customization of the system based on your specific needs and feature requirements.
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Secure Operations & Data Through Built-In Salesforce Security

  • You can always stay up-to-date with the latest security risks without lifting a finger. Booking Ninjas & Salesforce takes care of the security for you so you don't have to. Be rest assured that confidential information about your properties and guests is safe and inaccessible to cybercriminals.
  • Along with the multiple security features enabled by Salesforce, you now have access to real-time event monitoring to help you keep tabs on every movement within your organization's system.

Salesforce AppExchange Integration

Booking Ninjas integration with Salesforce appexchange gives you access to connecting with a wide variety of third-party extensions such as Slack, Mailchimp, etc. Now, you can easily add external features and tools to your business processes that enhance productivity, and drive revenue.

Salesforce Constant Innovation

Have total confidence that your PMS investment is future-proof thanks to Salesforce innovation. Salesforce is constantly releasing new platform updates & features. Thus, new features and advancements in technology will always be available for Booking Ninjas PMS ensuring that - as your property needs grow, the system grows with you.

Ideal For Existing Salesforce Users

If you already use Salesforce as your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, then Booking Ninjas PMS is the easiest PMS for you to adopt. This way you can still keep all your data in Salesforce and avoid the hassle of migrating to a separate software. Be rest assured that you will continue to enjoy the benefits of Salesforce with the added advantage Booking Ninjas comes with.

Salesforce + Booking Ninjas = Maximum Flexibility

Enjoy a flexible User Interface that works across a wide variety of devices, versions, orientations, and locales. Thanks to Salesforce's flexible framework, it’s also easy for you to make customizations and implement innovative designs to create a highly personalized version of the PMS.

Features Of Booking Ninjas Property Management System

Reservation System

Manage all property reservations on the cloud from the comfort of your mobile device.

Rooms Availability Status Grid

Monitor and organize the availability of all your room/properties and ensure resources are allocated accordingly.

Room Rate Controller (RRC)

AI engine to help you implement rate/pricing changes that enable maximization of revenue & yield.

Integrated Accounting System

Reduce your bookkeeping workload by auto-data collection and sync of all transactions.

In-House Reporting and Analytics Tools

Get access to Business Intelligence and AI that provides insightful data for the growth of your business.

Simplify Your Operations & Grow Your Revenue with Booking Ninjas

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