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Integration of Salesforce Einstein Analytics

BookingNinjas, the creators of the leading Property Management application has recently partnered with Salesforce for the integration of Einstein Analytics, an AI assistant to enable property managers to work smarter. This partnership has given birth to the most revolutionary application to be launched in the property and hospitality industry.

A quick overview of Einstein Analytics:

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It is a CRM assistant, and a very smart one. It runs on the latest Artificial Intelligence technology and provides very necessary assistance to businesses. It is not a replacement for humans – it performs tasks humans can’t achieve easily.

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Einstein Analytics helps executives track the company’s performance, learn about new risks to prepare for, and understand how and where to effectively allocate resources. It has the ability to intelligently predict business performance and provides possible ways to improve efficiency.

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Being a computerized application, Einstein Analytics is non-biased in its reports on deals. It’s not sentimental on facts, it tells you the truth about your current position, and by analyzing recent statistics, tells you what you can do to improve it.

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Aside from all that,

Einstein Analytics helps you look outwards. It shows you a broad view of the competitive landscape, where it tracks win rates, and learn why deals were successful or not. It uses the almost hidden data in your business to spot trends and opportunities for you to take advantage of.

On the other end,
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With an emphasis on better business performance, you can bolster your current working relationship with your employees and build learning communities based on the data that Einstein collects. By recognizing what works and what doesn’t, you can help your team maximize their best skills and improve on others - making your company stronger as a whole.

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Einstein Analytics helps businesses build deeper relationships with customers. This is a major break for service-based enterprises like hotels, where guests experience is of great importance. Einstein Analytics provides a 360-degree view in order to improve guests’ experience. This 360-degree view provides the hotels with relevant information they need to effectively manage their day-to-day interactions with guests.

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Whether you enjoy data analytics or not, Einstein will help you make sense of the data it collects. Our software was built to securely accumulate, process, explain, and store data for your benefit. You can choose to use Einstien in the way that best helps your business, but it is more than just a data collector.

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The marketing team is not left out. Einstein Analytics provides accurate insights on how success can be garnered through various platforms. It gives web analytics that allows the marketing team track online engagement and take advantage of valid leads. It also provides them with conversion trends to enable them create better content and more interactive campaigns, and in turn leads into satisfied customers. Not only does Einstein Analytics provide marketing insights, but it also gives managers a view of marketing performance across all key channels.

The Booking Ninjas Property Management System integrated with Einstein Analytics is a very powerful solution for property managers as it helps them maintain record growth. Reports from property managers using the application say it has caused a big boost in employee productivity and also improved IT deployment and integration. The BookingNinjas team is determined to consistently improve its overall performance and, ultimately, client results.

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