Cloud-Based Corporate Housing Management Software

Cloud-Based Corporate Housing Management Software

All-in-One Corporate Housing Software To Manage Your Corporate Apartments

Why use multiple apps to manage your corporate housing operations when you can use one? Save time, make more money, and centralize your operations today.

Booking Ninjas Corporate Housing Property Management Software (PMS)

  • From tracking reservations across multiple properties to processing and organizing payments and much more - managing your corporate housing properties can be a hassle without the help of smart technology.
  • Using corporate housing software gives your corporate housing everything it needs to succeed.
  • Booking Ninjas PMS helps you streamline operations to save time and money, increase bookings and revenue, and improve your guests' experience.
  • You can now
    • manage your business anywhere, anytime, across multiple properties
    • track the reservations and guest stays in real-time
    • create detailed guest profiles for business travelers and families
    • collect and analyze data across the business with automated reporting

Multi-Property Corporate Housing Management

  • Attain maximum organization by having one database for all your properties. Each property maintains individual names, separate banking, unique logos, differing invoice layouts, and varying rules.
  • With this, you can easily share guest details and data across properties, view and analyze patterns and eliminate mishaps such as duplicate records.
  • You can also control what information is shared across the different properties and who can view it, ensuring that your data remains private and secure at all times.

Booking Engine for Corporate Housing

  • Leveraging our advanced and ready-to-use Booking Engine can transform your entire corporate housing operations and give you the edge you need to beat your competitors.
  • You can easily turn your website into your direct booking generator with our customizable booking engine. It is fully integrated with the rest of the PMS and ensures that all your bookings are automatically synced.
  • Supported payment gateways are built into the booking engine allowing you to simplify payments and receive worldwide payments in a safe and secured manner.

Reservation Management System for Corporate Housing

  • Your guests have the booking engine to make their reservations and you have a reservation management system to handle them.
  • Whether single room reservations, group reservations for family, or a large conference; your reservations system can cater to all use cases.
  • Create short-term and long-term reservations and get automatically calculated rates for each day, week, or month.

Corporate Housing Revenue & Yield Management

  • Yield management is a powerful tool your corporate housing business can leverage to maximize average daily rate and occupancy thereby maximizing your revenue.
  • Revenue management has been made simplified with the rate controller (RRC) which makes use of AI to automate your rates. You can make more money while spending less time behind the behind-the-scenes.

Guest Arrivals & Departures Management

  • Have to be out of town or physically unavailable for some reason? No worries. Guests will receive check-in and check-out instructions automatically communicated on your behalf.
  • Every arrival and departure is recorded and synced with the rest of the PMS making sure your guests are well attended to even in your absence.

Availability Grid

  • With more properties come more responsibilities. How can you keep up with your room availability?
  • With the Availability grid feature, you have a visual calendar of all occupancy and inventory available.
  • You can view based per hour, per day, per week, or even per month. The availability grid provides information such as arrivals, departures, tasks, and work orders.

Mobile App & Web Portal

  • Through the interactive guest portal, your guests can track and manage their reservations, check-in and out, print or email statements, and make secure payments all through their mobile device
  • The guest portal is synced to the owner portal thereby relaying information to you about your guests' behavior.
  • Through the owner portal, you also have access to features such as revenue reports, creating reservations blocking dates, and other custom requested features.

Housekeeping Management

  • Create, allocate and manage tasks through the housekeeping app making sure your staff is accountable at all times.
  • Through the app you and your staff have access to real-time reports on the cleanliness status of your establishment and changes can be made as required
  • Your guests also have access to making direct housekeeping requests through the guest portal which is synced to the housekeeping app.

Integrated Online Payment

  • Allows your guests make fast and convenient payments online straight from your website, through the guest portal, or by POS.
  • Your guests can make secure payments locally and internationally in their preferred currency
  • All transactions are synced with the rest of the system and easily accessible for future use.

Integrated Accounting

  • Automatically sync your payment and transaction data with the accounting system which helps with financial operations including tax management, salaries, sales, and inventory
  • Have an overview of your financial performance from the intuitive accounting dashboard. Create and edit the dashboard to suit your accounting needs.

Corporate Housing Business Insights & Analytics Report

  • Leverage Business intelligence tools and AI to gain insightful data that can help inform decision-making and grow your business.
  • Gain access to financial and operational reports for data analysis. Also, create personalized reports if there is additional information you want to see on an ongoing basis.
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to reports or schedule your preferred view of your reports per day, week, or month.

From your guests making their reservations and making payments to handling accounting and getting reports generated by AI; Booking Ninjas PMS is here to help you through the entire journey of managing your corporate housing property.

Schedule a demo with us to see if Booking Ninjas PMS is the right fit for your property.

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