Best HOA & Condo Management Software For Your Community

Best HOA & Condo Management Software For Your Community

Bringing board members, homeowners and association managers together.

Manage everything from booking, finance, and administration to communication to centralise your operations today.

Property Management Software

Cloud-Based Condo Property Management Software (PMS)

Eliminate the need for manual tasks and reduce administrative challenges by streamlining and automating daily operations online. Our solutions are designed to simplify the HOA property management’s duties and reduce their workloads.

Features of Our Self-Managed Condo Association Software

Features of Our Self-Managed Condo Association Software

We created our software as an all-in-one solution to cater to the distinct requirements of diverse community associations. Since our platform automates laborious tasks, you can concentrate on enhancing your association.

Pricing plans

Functionalities That Boost Your Hostel Earnings

Units Management

Management of Multiple Units In a Single Interface

  • Organize your multiple units and listings efficiently by grouping them under a single entity.
  • Link your multiple units to platforms like Expedia, Airbnb, and other Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) collectively, simplifying channel management.
  • Gain a comprehensive visual overview of similar units within a unified interface, allowing you to collectively monitor listings, bookings, operations, and guest communications.
Pricing Management

Smart Pricing and Yield Management for Condominiums

  • Utilize tools to apply yield management tactics, optimizing apartment rates and occupancy to enhance overall revenue.
  • Harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate pricing, ensuring the continuous maximization of apartment revenue even during periods of unavailability.

Functionalities That Enhance the Experience for Your Guests

Seamless Condo Reservation System

Reservation System
  • Experience a seamlessly integrated reservation system, enabling guests to book online through your website.
  • The Availability grid feature displays the real-time availability of condo units and occupancy rate.
  • Effortlessly synchronize all data with the PMS software, eliminating the need for double entries and simplifying confirmations.
  • Opting for direct bookings reduces commissions paid to third-party sites, resulting in cost savings and revenue enhancement.
  • Enhance your brand by utilizing the incorporated website builder to craft a personalized online booking site for your business.

Guest Management Tool

Guest Management Tool
  • Consolidate guest profiles and booking information to gather and structure comprehensive details about your guests.
  • Enhance your understanding of guests, enabling the creation of personalized experiences tailored to their preferences.
  • Manage guest arrivals and departures effortlessly across all your properties, ensuring a smooth check-in and check-out process for your guests.
  • Automated personalized instructions for check-in and check-out will be conveyed to guests on your behalf.
  • Every guest’s arrival and departure is meticulously recorded and synchronized with the PMS, ensuring attentive service even when you are absent.

Functionalities to Facilitate Daily Operations in Condos

Housekeeping Administration

Housekeeping Administration
  • Utilize the housekeeping app to create and assign tasks to staff.
  • Staff can mark tasks as complete through the app, updating cleanliness status on the go.
  • Real-time status reports are accessible from any device.
  • Guest portal integrated with the housekeeping app.
  • Guests can request housekeeping services directly from their apartments via mobile phones.

Simplify Your Transactions with our PMS Accounting System

PMS Accounting System
  • Automatically sync payment and transaction data with the accounting system.
  • Support financial operations, including tax management, inventory, and sales.
  • Utilize an intuitive accounting dashboard for a comprehensive overview of your financial performance.
  • Customize the dashboard according to your accounting needs for easy monitoring and management.

Condo Management Analytics Report and Insights

  • Safely store and distribute essential files with your property owners and tenants, including lease agreements, images, and various documents.
  • Leverage business intelligence tools and AI for informed decision-making and business growth.
  • Access financial and operational reports for comprehensive data analysis.
  • Tailor personalized reports to monitor specific information regularly.
  • Enjoy flexible access to reports, allowing for 24/7 availability or scheduling preferred viewing intervals - daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Instantly view and generate crucial financial and business information for immediate data analysis.


What is property management software?

Property management software assists property managers in optimizing their daily tasks, leading to time and cost savings. Through a variety of functionalities, they can monitor rental payments, engage with tenants, coordinate maintenance activities, and generate financial reports.

What types of properties can be managed using property management software?

Using property management software can assist regardless of the property type under your management.

Booking Ninja’s PMS is designed explicitly to oversee residential properties, encompassing single-family and multi-family rentals and community associations. It can also manage diverse portfolios that may include  student housingserviced apartmentsstorage units, and various other property types.

Is property management software suitable for individual landlords and property management companies?

Irrespective of the scale of your property portfolio, individuals overseeing properties can gain advantages from employing dedicated property management software.

Booking Ninja’s clients using the community association management software comprise landlords and third-party property management enterprises with diverse portfolios encompassing various property types, such as multifamily units , single-family homes,  corporate housing, commercial properties, and  co-working spaces.

What are the differences between HOA and property management?

The distinction between a Homeowners Association (HOA) and property management is that the HOA comprises homeowners who make community decisions and set rules. In contrast, property management is a service that handles day-to-day tasks like maintenance, finances, and communication on behalf of the HOA or property owners.

Essentially, the HOA sets the guidelines, and property management takes care of the practical aspects to ensure the community runs well.

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