Cloud-Based Hotel Management Software

All-In-One Hotel Property Management System To Manage & Automate Your Hotel Operations

Modernize Hotel Management

Most property management systems on the market comprise multiple components that awkwardly interact or aren’t scalable. But Booking Ninjas' all-in-one Hotel PMS, which is built on Salesforce -- is different.

Scalable Platform

Booking Ninjas offers a robust, enterprise-ready platform with solutions that scale according to your needs.

Built On Salesforce

Booking Ninjas can be integrated with existing Salesforce systems, reducing friction and facilitating access to multiple parts of your current Salesforce system.

Adaptable Solution

Adaptable to the needs of different industries and sectors. No other tech stack or platform comes close to Booking Ninjas.

Increase Revenues

Online Hotel Booking System for Commission-Free Direct Bookings

Some booking engines, such as Airbnb or, charge a hefty percentage of the booking value. However, with Booking Ninjas' built-in booking engine, you don’t have to worry about increased costs when scaling your online bookings.

Channel Manager for Hotel

Connect all channels in your ideal management system. Receive reservations, check guest information, look up payment information, push out rates, or make changes -- everything within one platform. Stay up to date, without discrepancies between channels, and do away with human errors with this digitalized system.

Hotel Revenue & Yield Management Software

Optimize your hotel booking rates quickly and intelligently. Say goodbye to missing bookings because rates are higher or lower than the market rate -- the occupancy-based controls automatically adjust the rates based on occupancy levels at your hotel. In addition, Booking Ninjas' forecast demand facility will also modify your rates accordingly.

Improves Guest Experience

Our Central Reservation System (CRS) manages and oversees your room availabilities, rates, guest information, payment processing, and hotel information. Travelers can book reservations, create profiles, and gather information about destinations within your hotel chain.

Hotel Guest Management

Get a snapshot of your guests at a glance, including details such as stay/spend information. Furthermore, connect with them on social channels, understand them better, and anticipate their needs by providing them with the right service and rewards for a genuinely personalized and satisfying guest experience.

Check-In & Check-Out Software

COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we live and contactless check-in is now the norm. Guests can easily check-in via mobile or tablet, and all these data will be synced with information in the PMS. Our check-in software provides your guests peace of mind regarding safety and hygiene and makes for a more convenient and efficient experience.

Hotel Front Desk Software

Your front-of-house staff will find it easy to manage and oversee in-house, upcoming, and checking-out guests. Easily direct them to guest rooms and various other areas of your hotel.

Your Hotel Operations Software

Hotel POS

Booking Ninjas centralizes your hotel's POS and PMS data into one platform, providing robust data and intelligence for analysis and decision making. Now, it is easy to learn more about your guests’ buying patterns and favorite items.

Hotel Housekeeping Software

Booking Ninjas’ centralized system allows housekeeping to track and assign rooms, making operations more efficient and accurate. For example, guests will be notified when their room is tidied or ready in real-time, and the housekeeping manager is aware when a room is ready for inspection.

Software for Hotel Billing & Invoicing

Enjoy our suite of billing and invoicing solutions that can help your teams split invoices, bill recurring accounts, or track invoice ages.

Hotel Reporting & Analytics

As exclusive partners of Salesforce, Booking Ninjas leverages native tools from the industry’s best -- Salesforce Reporting. Access to Business Intelligence and AI helps you quickly understand and visualize data to turn them into actionable insights for improved sales and service.

Booking Ninjas Hotel Management Software Price

Guest Management
User Management
Invoicing + Payment API
Reservation Management
Inventory Management
Reporting & Analytics
Housekeeping Management
Availability Hour Grid
Mobile Apps

Hotel Management System Add-Ons

Booking Engine

Channel Manager

Data Analytics


Cash Register


Email App

Membership Module

Esign (Additional Api's)

Communications (paid by usage)


What is hotel management software?

Hotel management software is a complete suite of tools for hoteliers to help them manage their business. These tools include reporting, lead capture, reservations, financials, and workforce management. It can even be integrated with point of sale systems and other hospitality software, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

How does hotel management system work?

A hotel management system is software that automates most aspects of running a hotel. The most critical areas are reservations, guest services, and revenue management. In addition, these systems allow for better customer service by improving response time and streamlining operations.

How to set up a hotel property management system?

You can set up your hotel management system in 5 easy stages:

  • Discovery discussion to determine your system & data requirements.
  • Preparation of your system based on the finalized specification during the discovery call.
  • Testing and optimization to ensure the system fits into your business logic.
  • Your key users will be trained on the new capabilities, and any procedures will be further polished based on their feedback.
  • The system will go live.

What are the benefits of a property management system in the hotel industry?

A hotel management system helps control the customer experience. They also provide tools that can automate any process in the hotel, including check-ins, check-outs, inventory management, and more. This helps to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of doing business. It also enables you to handle guest requests quickly and efficiently without any confusion.

What to consider when looking for new hotel management software?

When looking for new hotel management software, it is crucial to remember that you want something easy to integrate and use. It needs to integrate with your current POS and reservation systems and provide mobile capability. You also want something easy to work with so you can check customers in and out and manage rates. Read more on how to choose the right hotel management software for your business.

Can you install this hotel management system into an existing Salesforce organization?

Yes, you can install this system into an existing Salesforce organization. If you already have an existing Salesforce organization then installing the Booking Ninjas Hotel PMS is guaranteed to be an ideal fit for your hotel.

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