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Our Facilities Management Software for Non-Profit Organizations Helps You with Your Daily Tasks

Property Management Systems for Non-Profit Establishments has everything you will need to help your front desk job and overall management. They are created specifically for all nonprofit organizations, societies, and clubs that have buildings and properties to maintain.

  • With less paperwork and easy access to all your NGO records from anywhere in the world; find ease in managing inventory and administrative tasks.
  • Increase your level of accountability - you receive updates that notify you when things happen which makes it easy for you to monitor productivity and make decisions speedily
  • Enjoy maximum synchronization as a result of everyone on the platform being connected. As a result, every update reaches everyone. Occupants and Managers are linked and can interact.
  • Does your organization have more than one building? You can board as many properties on the system as possible. One won’t interrupt the other, and you can manage it all with ease.

Easiest Property Management Software You Can Find for Your Nonprofit

  • Everything is mobile these days, so is Booking Ninjas PMS! The entire PMS and all its features are accessible on mobile and desktop versions; this means you can make changes and overview things even while on the go.
  • Gain access to top-notch graphical reports and data analysis tools necessary for presentations and decision-making. You can personalize the report and get the specific data you want to see.
  • Take advantage of the real-time notifications every time a change occurs and always stay on top of every situation in your organization.
  • The Property Management system for nonprofits also has a storage feature that allows you to keep crucial information in cloud storage for years. You can always access this information and use it in the future for monitoring how much progress you’ve made and for decision-making.

Front Desk Operations & Reservation Management System Organizes Your Bookings

  • Our system provides onboarding and offers overall management of your NGO. That helps you put all your daily tasks in perspective. You can find the perfect services for each patient by knowing what rooms are available and how accessible they are for people who may have physical limitations.
  • Be in total control of your NGOs management; determine who has access to what part of the system and data. You can create accounts based on position to control the extent of access for different parties.
  • Now the time spent at the front desk to check in is reduced as every piece of information needed can be filled in on the platform. Rooms are allocated faster based on conditions and health status.

Channel Management Integration Solution Keeps You Up-to-Date

  • Our channel manager helps you maximize revenue by connecting your inventories to various OTAs. That helps create more sources that bring in more bookings when your facilities are low on inhabitants.
  • Take advantage of our Intelligent pricing (Dynamic pricing, Rates recommendation, Market demand data) to implement your best revenue management strategies.
  • The Channel manager is Integrated with multiple payment gateways so payments can be made online directly from the channel. Also, enjoy full support for split pay and multi-currency.
  • Find out in real-time how many rooms are still available and avoid over-booking, double-booking and under-booking.
  • Leverage our single dashboard for managing all your inventory and rates and never get overwhelmed by managing different streams of bookings.

Housekeeping and Maintenance Management System Ensures Smooth Operations

  • Screen and review rent conditions when patients arrive. Document and easily access useful information including their health status, date of admission, length of stay, rent obligations, visitors allowed and more.
  • Resolve maintenance requests quicker and increase NOI with streamlined work orders, inspections, and utility management.
  • Residents, owners, or employees can submit work orders, and attach videos, documents, and images. Get status updates from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

CRM and Guest Communication System Improves Guests Experience

  • Your team, patients, volunteers, and investors can enjoy the maximum communication the system offers. Send messages through SMS/Text/Email/Phone to predesignated groups.
  • Allow tenants to log complaints and have their requests processed promptly. Patients can monitor the progress of their complaints from when the complaint was made to when it finally gets fixed.
  • Your patients will love Booking Ninjas. Online portals provide easy access for them to make requests and you can update progress status from anywhere, on any device.

Mobile Apps Solution Promises Convenience

  • Get access to all features of the app directly from your mobile phone.
  • Make use of the staff cleaner app to monitor your housekeeping staff and ensure seamless communication between staff, guests, and managers from the comfort of your phones.
  • You can also easily access your records via mobile app and check the progress of your business from the comfort of wherever you are.

Marketing Support Solution Enhances Your NGO Initiatives

  • Increase occupancy with modern, digital marketing, flexible showing options, and a fully integrated lead-to-lease process.
  • Capture and manage requests spanning marketing and communications needs. Get first-in-line access to rental property owners looking for your services.
  • Booking Ninjas PMS integrates sales, service, marketing, community, and analytics, to provide an all-in-one solution for enhancing your NGO initiatives.

Accounting and Revenue Management Keeps You Updated on Your Finances

Keep your bookkeeping complete and accurate with our property management accounting software.

  • Save time and money with efficient, well-structured property management accounting software, intuitively designed with accountants in mind.
  • Easily record payments from residents and association homeowners. Collect and view every fee, deposit, and refund for a thorough financial picture of your properties, 24/7
  • Enjoy our deck of billing and invoicing features that help your teams split invoices, bill recurring accounts, or track invoice ages. Request and collect payment for work performed, facility reservations, and more.
  • Do not be worried about integrating payment gateways into your system. Our system integrates well with platforms like Stripe and other popular payment gateways.

Reports and Analytics Allows Smart Decision-Making

  • Eliminate the hassle of digging through spreadsheets, reports, and databases with easily accessible reports available in real-time 24/7, or download them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • You can generate detailed charts and graphs from the PMS reporting tools to help during fundraising, end-of-the-year reports, or other formalities . This helps you visualize your data and understand your progress better.
  • Go a step further with smart decision-making by storing your crucial information in the PMS cloud storage and accessing it in the future for further insights when making executive decisions.

Cost of our Property Management Software for NPO

Our NGO/NPO System packages start at $ 0 / unit/ month!
(Non-profit discount applied)

Why Choose Booking Ninjas Property Management System for NGO

We offer high-end tools to provide a seamless management process for Non-profit organizations, and a platform to provide exceptional service to your people you cater to.

We are all about productivity, customer experience, and user benefits. Our developers and customization platform help you include specific packages and remove unwanted ones. In other words, you will get a highly personalized system that is precisely what your business needs

Therе additional bеnеfits thаt the system саn offer include:

  • Imрrоvе quality of саrе.
  • Ensurе operational еffiсiеnсу.
  • Imрrоving ассurасу.
  • Greatly rеduсеs thе соsts оf ореrаtiоn.
  • Inсrеаsеd аutоmаtiоn.
  • Risе in quаlifiеd hеаlth саrе рrоfеssiоnаls
  • Mоbilе ассеss
  • Customer Support
  • Reliable Technology
  • Additional Features Of Choice
  • Good ROI
  • Maintenance Services
  • Security

FAQ for our Property Management Solution

What is a PMS system?

A property management system (PMS) is a software application for managing the operations of hospitality accommodations, residential and rental properties.

It is a centralized online system that manages day-to-day operations such as organizing, scheduling, account management, occupancy management, and much more.

Should I use property management software for nonprofits?

Yes, a PMS can be used in a nonprofit organization. Property Management Software for Nonprofit Organizations provides solutions tailored to the needs of nonprofits. That could include Accounting & Reporting, inventory management, housekeeping, and maintenance.

How to choose the best nonprofit property management software?

When choosing a nonprofit property management software, there are certain things to put into consideration. They include:

  • Is the PMS cloud-based or on-premise based? For many reasons, most organizations prefer to opt for a cloud-based solution but, make sure you get a PMS that is most suitable for your use case; even if it is on-premise.
  • What is the support system like? An ideal property management system comes with helpful and readily available customer support. Look out for a PMS with a history of reliable customer support and detailed contact information to get in touch.
  • Is it easy and simple to Integrate with your existing systems? You need a PMS that can be easily integrated with your current legacy systems and then modernize your operations. In addition, you need to look for a property management system that easily integrates with other applications and software that you may needl.
  • Are they transparent with their pricing and features offered? The pricing features to be provided, and all other information you’d require before signing up for their services should be able to provide these openly.

The safest way to choose the right PMS for your NGO is by opting for a trial period if available or by finding out more about them by getting on a meeting/call with them before signing up.

What are the advantages of having property management software for non-profit organizations?

Using property management software for non-profit organizations comes with many benefits which are why many NGOs/NPOs opt for the service. Some of the advantages include:

  • Easy maintenance monitoring
  • Easy payment transactions
  • Data tracking
  • Property management
  • Enhances visibility
  • Better reporting
  • Increases customer/patient experience

How long does it take to implement Booking Ninjas PMS solutions?

Implementation could take 4 - 8 weeks depending on your use case requirements and the number of add-on features you want. To kickstart your implementation process schedule a demo of the system today.

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