Maximize the Potential of Your Space With Our Best Coworking Management Software

All-In-One Coworking Space Software To Manage Your Shared Space Rentals, Vacancies & Daily Operations

Just like a family, our modernized coworking management system connects everything in a single network!

You no longer need different systems to connect to each other before maximizing your space.

We have integrated the various features into a single system that breaks down the silos.

Booking Ninjas supports multi-location reservation/booking, making it easy to monitor and manage your shared rental spaces from any location in a single dashboard.

Plans & Pricing

Here’s How Our Coworking Space Booking System Works

With Booking Ninjas PMS, easily create an inventory for clients to choose features they want to rent and book in your coworking space. This helps increase cash flow as they pay for services they want. We ensure a speedy and accurate coworking space booking system that guarantees easy monitoring, enables quick access to clients' concerns, and helps handle reservations for different room types with stress-free navigation.

Seat & Desk Booking

This feature enables you to list individual seats and desks, allowing for easy reservations through our booking engine.

Private & Meeting Room Booking

Our PMS has a feature for room booking where your tenants or guests can book rooms for different purposes. This provides the needed privacy and exclusivity they deserve.

Resource & Equipment Booking

  • Simply add available resources and equipments into the system to allow easier reservation.
  • Helps keep track of the usage and condition of booked equipment.

Why You Should Opt for Our Coworking Member Management Software

Effortlessly manage your coworking space using our software, designed to simplify support and operations. Create profile of your members to keep track of their data.

Membership Management

Offer flexible and fully customizable memberships tailored to both your users' needs and your space's requirements.

Team Membership Support

  • Team membership gives room for consolidated payment under one account for a whole team/company.
  • It also allows your users to sign up in bulk and helps simplify billing.

Increase Your Space Revenue Using Drop-ins & Day Pass Users

  • Not all visitors will sign up immediately. Our system allows your users to rent your space without a membership tag, facilitating immediate, on-the-spot payments.
  • Many people will easily subscribe to a pay-as-you-go service using the on-the-spot payments thereby increasing sales.

Get Your Members Hooked Using Coworking Member App & Member Portal

  • Empower users to seamlessly manage their memberships, make reservations, process payments, and even make purchases through the member app, giving them unparalleled control over their membership experience.
  • We all love being in control. With the owner app, both you and your staff can manage your operations, members and bookings.

Guest & Visitor Management

  • Members often bring visitors, making it crucial to manage and document these occurrences accurately for each member. By ensuring comprehensive documentation, profiling, and accounting of all visitors, we address security concerns and safeguard both individuals and property effectively.
  • A dedicated guest and visitor registration feature guarantees meticulous accountability.

Front Desk Concierge & Member Help Desk

  • This interface will speedily help the community manager to welcome visitors, schedule appointments and manage daily check-ins/check-outs.

    It will also help with basic information capturing and arrange tour appointments with prospective members.

Inventory Management

Easily manage an inventory of spaces, rooms, equipment and resources from the app.

Our system also integrates all crucial data into a single dashboard for comprehensive tracking of inventory-related activities.

It Does Not Matter if You Have Small or Big Coworking Space

  • Our system accommodates coworking spaces of any size, offering exceptional support regardless of your space's capacity.
  • Whether small or large, we ensure seamless functionality.

Multiple Locations

As business blooms, new locations are opened. The platform gives you the opportunity to grow your business without signing up for a new system. Simply add the new location to your dashboard and it is business as usual.

Monitor your space from multiple locations in one dashboard and have an instant ready-to-use system in the new location.

You can also track real-time users and understand peak periods for each location which helps you plan properly for these periods.

Occupancy Dashboards To Help Measure & Plan

  • This helps you keep track and understand how occupied your space is, at any given point.
  • Make use of your occupancy data to measure the health of your business.
  • Get utilization report for all inventories ranging from desk, room, resource and equipment, to membership utilization report which provides useful insights for better membership planning

Automated Billing & Invoicing

The Automated Billing & Invoicing system was crafted specifically for your coworking space, streamlining your billing needs. You are just seconds away from enhancing your billing procedures.

Custom Recurring & One-Off Plans

  • You get the opportunity to customize recurring membership which spans weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Also provide support for one-off plans like drop-ins and day passes. Everybody wins!

Multi-Site Billing Support

  • We see your need for a system that enables multi-site billing support across locations.
  • Through this feature, you can support varied tax rates, billing preferences, and languages across different locations, catering to your specific needs.

Payment Gateway

  • Do not be worried about integrating payment gateways into your system.
  • Our system integrates well with platforms like Stripe and other popular payment gateways.

Additional Features

The Booking Ninjas' coworking space system helps you maximize your coworking space to generate more revenue.

Events Management

  • You can easily rent out your space for events complete with tools to help with event management.

Catering / UberEats

  • Your community can utilize the catering services provided by registered vendors in your space.
  • Ubereats can be ordered, food delivered and all coordinated from the member app/portal without having them change interfaces.
  • Incorporating a connected POS system significantly enhances the functionality, providing an essential payment solution to complement the billing system.

Business & Usage Analytics

  • Maximize the potential of your business by optimizing your space performance. You can achieve this by monitoring room usage, track member check-ins, measure conversions, gain insights into inventories and member behaviour. Our integrated tracking and data collection process makes this easy for you.


  • Because the brand image is captured in the little things, you can build your brand by setting up the member app and portal with your logo. Let your community identify you through the sparkle of your image and brand. Unify your presence by optimizing your image!

Booking Ninjas Coworking Space Software Price

Our special bundle prices reflect the value we bring to your coworking space.
Check out our price packages and welcome an easy life.

Coworking Space Management System Add-Ons

Booking Ninjas Coworking Space System comes with amazing add-ons that further beautify your space management experience.

Booking Engine

Channel Manager

Data Analytics


Cash Register


Email App

Membership Module

Esign (Additional Api's)

Communications (paid by usage)


What is coworking management software?

Coworking management software is a solution that assists coworking businesses in organizing their space, managing reservations, and overseeing membership management. From inventory management to customer service tickets and beyond, coworking management software is crafted to monitor and automate the operations of your coworking spaces.

How to set up a coworking management system?

To set up a coworking management system, the first thing you need to do is book an introductory demo with us -  schedule an appointment

During this demo, you get to see all the features that could be utilized in your coworking space. This process is unique for each business and the requirements for setting up your personalized coworking management system are determined during this call.

Can you install this coworking management system into an existing Salesforce organization?

Yes, this system can be integrated into your existing Salesforce organization.

Can I get a demo of your coworking management system?

Yes, you can schedule a demo of our coworking management system. With a demo, you see how the coworking space system helps deliver a great digital experience to your community by automating the administrative process.

Schedule a demo today! You can choose any day or time convenient for you.

Can you connect my inventories to a channel manager?

Yes, you can connect your inventories to your current channel manager. If you don’t have a channel manager, we provide the channel management feature as well (at a discounted price for co-working spaces using our PMS!)

Do you support online booking for seats, desks, private offices via booking engine/app?

Absolutely, Booking Ninjas PMS features a booking engine that facilitates online reservations for your community. Members and guests can effortlessly book, pay, and manage their meeting room reservations across any of your centers, ensuring the availability of private and meeting room bookings. This is accessible on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Do you support resource & equipment booking?

Yes. Resource and equipment bookings are streamlined by adding available resources and equipment to the system for straightforward reservation and management.

Do you connect with the POS (snacks shop)?

Yes. Our PMS seamlessly integrates with your POS, whether it's in a snack shop, restaurant, bursary, or café. If you already possess a POS system, we can integrate it with the rest of your operations. If not, we provide a POS system that automatically synchronizes with the rest of the PMS.

Do you have a member portal for the member to manage their account?

Yes, we do. In the member portal, they can do the following: Status booking (including day passes and monthly membership), upgrade plan, referral program, etc. You can also include custom options you’d like your members to see on their portal.

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