Membership Management Software

Membership Management Software

Build-your-own-membership plan

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Forget restrictive plans — BookingNinjas lets you build your own membership plan!

You can:

  • Set your own pricing
  • Determine your membership type (lifetime, daily, monthly, annually)
  • Build a point earning system
  • Offer customer benefits such as membership packages
  • Discount system
  • Recurring payment setting for membership, ala carte, etc.

Referral system

  • Word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing. Now, make it easier for your customers to bring their friends over with a referral system — plus, they’d also earn benefits, boosting loyalty to your brand!

Build up your own database

  • Say goodbye to clunky, unintuitive third-party databases; Booking Ninjas’ system allows you to collect data intuitively to form your own database of potential and current members within our own system.
  • Create your own unique community for marketing and notifications — build and send newsletters and provide a direct way for your customers to easily reach you

Understand your user better

  • Never underestimate the importance of data — gather important data points from your customers, their spending habits, and purchasing behaviors
  • The insights you glean can go a long way towards understanding their behaviors, needs, and wants so you can build on or create better services and membership plans to secure that sweet, sweet member loyalty.

Members’ portal

Make the management process easy for your members through a one-stop members’ portal, where all the information they need is at their fingertips.

Features available include:

  • Order add-ons
  • Change or update payment methods
  • See purchase history
  • Amend, renew or cancel membership
  • Read the latest news and updates, and more!

A Membership Management System like no other

  • From membership for coworking spaces to VIP memberships at hotels, Booking Ninja’s integrated membership feature is a breeze to use for your community members.
  • It is yet another value-added component of Booking Ninja’s comprehensive Property Management System designed to scale with the management needs of virtually all kinds of properties.
  • Build your own membership and community — schedule a call with us now to see it in action

Simplify Your Operations & Grow Your Revenue with Booking Ninjas

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