Business Analytics For Property Management

Business Analytics For Property Management

First of all, what is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is a set of automated or manual practices used to analyze business data and provide an informed business decision.

Though how it is done is what makes the difference.

Booking Ninjas is a cloud-based property management system that has added business analytics as one of its various services to make property management fun and easy again. Now Booking Ninjas takes your property's massive chunk of data and implements business analysis, which will help you make faster and more confident decisions, cut costs, increase priority, and anticipate & predict the unexpected.

The Property management System (PMS) provided by Booking Ninjas is sure to interest you, a property owner with features and management to a fault.
Suggested business strategy and prediction

Centralized Reporting Dashboard

The centralized Dashboard is one of the other great features that sets Booking ninjas apart from other PMS. Centralized in that data tools and techniques are all connected in one location.

Since everything is interconnected, data is automatically collected and synced through the system. This Dashboard allowed accessing detailed reports and arranged data efficiently, with no data loss due to a complicated Dashboard.

The centralized Dashboard also allows you to make decisions comfortably and business strategies from an informed viewpoint.
No more isolated data; everything is centralized.

Make Impossible Business Insights Possible

Having a centralized system and complete access to all your property management data means that insights and strategies that were once impossible are now possible with Booking Ninjas' PMS.

Business Insights include:

High-profit items

With clear reports on margins and your customers' purchasing behavior, you can distinctly categorize your menu into high-profit properties and properties with lower margins that are popular with customers.

Average order value (AOV)

AOV tracks the average dollar amount spent each time a customer purchases a property. It is a critical metric that all PMS businesses should measure to understand how their business is performing over specific periods.

Popular times and days

Most business owners should have access and a good idea of their property's best and worst-performing days and which times of the day draw in the most sales. However, it's crucial to back up your assumptions with data provided by Booking ninjas; that way, you can track trends over time and highlight when a typical busy night might be losing traction.

Analyzing your property's sales data by the hour, day, week, and month will make it easy to predict busy periods. You can also use this data to highlight which of your most prevalent properties during peak times and react accordingly.


Hospitality businesses need to regularly record and monitor wastage in their POS to prevent future waste and save precious dollars.

Employee performance

Your staff is the face of your business, so it's essential to use your data to understand who your top and bottom performers are.
Employee performance reports will give you a clear picture of your team's strengths and weaknesses. You can then use this information to set KPIs, upskill employees, cross-train and reward staff members.

Sales analysis: best sellers and underachievers

Understanding which products are your best sellers is vital in optimizing your margins to boost profitability. Running weekly and monthly product performance reports will enable you to see which of your menu items consistently sell, time and again. From this data, you can pinpoint if there's any room for improvements and detect trends over time.

Salesforce Einstein AI Predictive Insights

The vast insights provided by booking ninjas are not limited to making business decisions. With Salesforce Einstein, predicting future business outcomes and insights for your property is assured. This feature will allow you to take action and anticipate the unexpected.

Other Important Reports

Booking ninjas(PMS) provides instant access to critical information and generates important reports relevant to tenants, property managers, and owners.

Below are some of the information you'll receive:

  • Financial Reports (specific data including reservation charges, transactions, and adjustments)
  • Production Reports (operations in terms of reservation booking sources, high-level financial reporting, as well as historical data and future projections)
  • Daily Activity Reports (customers and day-to-day financials like cashier's reports)
  • Tenant Reports ( information specific to your tenants, according to their respective lease agreements with an option of customizing reports to fit your needs)

Easy-To-Understand & Visually Pleasing Report

Due to the integration with Tableau, visualization and analytics have never been better.

This feature gives you an easy-to-understand customizable report. Being a step ahead is something every property owners desire, and the integration provides just that.

On-The-Go Analytics

With a centralized system and an easy-to-use interface, the PMS provided by booking ninjas is top-notch. You can download the mobile app or use the cloud-based web portal to access your business's rich suite of business analytics features.

The mobile app ensures that you have on-the-go analytics whenever and wherever you need it. You can access your business' most important reports and let the numbers tell you how your business is doing.

So if you need a property management system that will provide:

  • Personalized business analytics.
  • Centralized report dashboard.
  • Business insights.
  • With Other critical reports and easy to use interface.

Schedule a demo  now and get access to the best PMS services you need.

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