All-in-One Online Event Management Software (EMS) for Successful Event Planning
  • Seamlessly launch, promote, and scale sophisticated event programs with Booking Ninjas Event Management Software.
  • Now you can track everything about the event in one place, with automation, convenience, and improved efficiency.
  • Our event registration system is built for modern event managers and provides all the right tools to help you create organized and memorable events for your attendees.

Our Event Planning Software Tracks Event Details in Real-Time

  • Easily track hundreds of event details in real-time - including schedules and event registrations - and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Avoid human errors by monitoring all ticketing setup options, including nested tickets, add-ons, discount codes, timed pricing, questionnaires, donations, and legal terms.
  • Create and assign seating charts and use the check-in app to manage guests from the door through the entire event.

Physical / In-Person Event Management Solution Improves Interactions

  • Thanks to our intelligent guest lists, email communications, and registration forms under one app, you can optimize every touch point of your attendees' journey.
  • Quickly check in attendees, and run surveys, sweepstakes, and contests — all fully integrated within your app.
  • Capture audience data through RSVPs and check-ins to build robust profiles of your attendees and their guests.
  • Use our facility management tools which focus on room and equipment reservations, maintenance, security, and lease administration.
  • Track how much space your attendees take up and manage occupancy information to allocate your venue space in the most profitable way for your events.

Hybrid Event Management Solution Combines Physical and Online Events Seamlessly

  • With a combination of features suitable for hybrid events, you can now enjoy the flexibility to choose between a physical or virtual event for your next big occasion.
  • All pre-event tasks, such as sending reminder emails, and seating charts, no longer have to be done manually, thus, allowing you to work smarter and faster while making fewer mistakes.
  • Manage everything live during the events through the help of AI and our intuitive EMS. You can now control the entire event experience for your attendees and sponsors.
  • After an event, gather all data at the click of a button, measure your event to the last detail, prove ROI to sponsors, and plan better events based on your audience's behavior.
  • The EMS combines in-person events with virtual components to allow audiences to tune in and engage in the event activities from any location if they can’t attend in person.

EMS Conference Management Software Simplifies Event Coordination

  • Best event management software for small businesses and is also perfect for managing large-scale events with enterprise-level conferences and meetings.
  • Enjoy features including event registration tools, event websites and content management, attendee engagement and networking, and project management software to simplify coordination and ensure your conferences run smoothly.
  • Optimize your workplace by connecting employees with the resources they need to be more efficient. The EMS event planning platform goes further, offering a more holistic approach to enhancing workplace operations to ensure maximum coordination of affairs.

Online Event Registration and Ticketing Tool Manages the Size of the Crowd

  • You no longer need many applications to manage your events, bookings, and clients, cutting your software costs significantly.
  • Give your attendees a superior experience across channels and devices by providing event registration and ticketing tools which streamline communication and requests, promote events and prevent double booking of event spaces.
  • Improve the customer experience via client portals, where customers can easily view and sign documents, make payments, fill out forms, complete tasks, and more.
  • Streamline the payment process for your attendees - turn a proposal into an invoice in a single click, set up payment reminders, and collect debit/credit card payments via our payment processing partners.

Attendee Management System Boosts Attendee Engagement

  • Boost attendee management by tracking attendees and grouping them while leveraging features like team calendars, space/time holds, and double-booking prevention to make sure attendees turn up.
  • Improve the customer experience via client portals, where customers can easily view and sign documents, make payments, fill out forms, complete tasks, and more.
  • Save time and money by automating promotional activities that boost the event attendance rate, maximize interest and build up the pre-event hype.

Event Marketing Platform Enhances Your Event Experience

  • Our EMS empowers you with features that help you and your team share ideas internally, reach out to registered users to promote events, share brand messages and build your overall brand image.
  • Increase ROI by helping attendees get the most out of your event. Simply use custom marketing tools prepared by Booking Ninjas for your event or conference. It’s easy, fast, and effective.

Use Our Venue Management Software to Manage Venue Booking

  • When it’s time to find and manage a competent venue, our EMS provides you with all the venue management tools to ensure that all steps are covered.
  • Effectively monitor your venue’s capacity with a reservation tracker, floor plan setup templates, room limitations/amenities, and other venue management metrics provided by our EMS.
  • Manage your resources better with inventory tracking (rentals, glassware/plateware, linens, audiovisual, etc.) and even Kitchen management - banquet event orders, kitchen orders, ingredients, shopping lists, and more

Facility Scheduling and Event Asset Management Software Keeps Everything In Check

  • Our Event Asset management software mitigates problems, minimizes costs, and improves ROI by assisting you in controlling resource utilization. It also helps in increasing productivity during the whole occasion.
  • From acquiring assets and keeping them maintained and in the best condition, asset management software is a one-stop shop for all events and asset-related problems.
  • When using asset tracking software, you get all the data and information about each asset. That is helpful to event managers because managers can monitor what gear is accessible, what is in current use, where they are now, and when they will be accessible again, in addition to other things.

Floor Plan Software Allows To-Scale Design for Better Space Planning

  • Design & host your next event with absolute ease. Create clean, to-scale designs for events with our easy drag-and-drop tools, all from the EMS dashboard.
  • Our EMS can integrate with event floor plan apps built to help you customize room borders and provide reusable layout templates, auto-generated layouts, and 2D and 3D representation.
  • Our tools make it easy to communicate and coordinate with others in real time. Centralize your communications with a full-featured event CRM and integrated email tools. Easily collaborate online with staff, contractors, and vendors.

Event Data and Analytics Management Tools for Reporting

  • Automatically pull in event data like headcounts, menus, timelines, and contact/venue info for future resources and decision-making.
  • Use data to create reports on key metrics and gain more significant knowledge of the impact on your bottom line.
  • Prove and capture critical metrics like facility usage cost, scheduling conflicts, and resource tracking to back up future rental rates. Customize your dashboard to see what matters to you instantly.
  • Reporting and dashboards that give you an up-to-the-minute snapshot of hundreds of data points and enable you to make better decisions faster.
  • Track all contact data in one central place - including client assignments to events, leads, contracts, invoices, and more. Track your sales pipeline and capture leads with customizable web forms

Why Booking Ninjas Has the Best Event Management Software Platform

Booking Ninjas EMS is in partnership with the #1 CRM platform- Salesforce. It offers a comprehensive deck of features that help simplify how you manage event bookings while boosting sales and enhancing collaboration among staff and clients.

What are the benefits there for you and your brand?

  • It is cost and time effective.
  • Increases Engagement.
  • It promotes professional and overall experience.
  • It makes management more effortless.
  • Supports targeted activities.

Invoicing and Online Payment System Helps with Finance Management

  • Leverage integration with Payment pathways such as Stripe and Paypal and enable your attendees to make payments via credit card transactions, ACH transactions, and more.
  • Have access to financial reporting features and financial analytics such as revenues, open invoices, and past-due payments.
  • Enjoy inventory management tools such as menu building, quantities/headcounts, billing, and offsite and onsite catering orders that influence your finances and budget and help you spend less.

Our Event Management Platform Price That Works With Your Budget

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$25 per space / per month

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3-point steps to get started

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To begin, simply schedule a brief intro callhere. Our support team will be in touch at your desired date and time to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have about our Property Management System. Ready now? Schedule a Meeting to expedite the process.
Import Your Data
Our support team will assist you in transferring your hotel’s data into the application. Data migration takes just a few clicks.
Launch for Success
Good news! You just made a significant improvement to your hotel. Open the Booking Ninjas app and start exploring all the tools that Booking Ninjas and Salesforce have to offer. Our 24hr live support team will always be available to answer any questions you encounter on the app. Want to know how to get the most out of our Property Management System features or your Salesforce cloud? We offer Salesforce consultations with our team of experts!

FAQ on Our event Management System (RMS)

What is an event management system?

An Event management system is a type of system utilized during the planning, creation, and coordination of various events that range from small-scale to large-scale events. These events could include festivals, formal parties, concerts, conferences, conventions, and many more can be well-planned using event management systems.

How to choose the best event management software to use?

In choosing the best event management system, it is imperative to think about all the critical aspects of the event before choosing the system that will be the best fit for smooth management. Things to look out for include:

  • Integration with existing systems: you must be sure of the things required for the EMS to work perfectly well with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and what information may need to be shared.
  • Event registration features: The registration feature must be one of the first things to look out for when choosing an event management system.
  • Excellent customer service: There may be an issue, such as a bug or software updating requirements. Therefore, you must be sure it’s easy to contact the company to get solutions.
  • Budget and Finance Features: An excellent event management system enables planners to outline a budget based on a fixed or variable cost per attendee. This way, you can be able to determine the cost per head. Therefore, it is advisable to pick systems that will enable you to calculate the unit’s cost individually.

What are the benefits of Events Management Software?

The benefits of using event management software are endless. Some of them include:

  • Easier event management
  • Saves time
  • Cut costs
  • Increase engagement
  • Analyze and improve
  • Automate your event
  • Display a greater level of professionalism
  • Take a holistic approach to event management

Can I get a demo of your Events management system?

Yes, you can schedule a demo of our Events management system. With a demo, you see how the system helps deliver an outstanding experience for your attendees, volunteers, and staff by automating the administrative process.

Schedule a demo today! & You can choose any day or time convenient for you.

Do you support online booking via a booking engine/app?

Yes, Booking Ninjas EMS provides a booking engine that supports online booking for your customers. Attendees can book online, pay and manage their reservations for any of your events. Available both on desktop and mobile platforms.

Can you install this system into an existing Salesforce organization?

Yes, you can install this system into an existing Salesforce organization. If you already have a current Salesforce organization, installing the Booking Ninjas EMS is guaranteed to be an ideal fit for your business.

Speak to Our Event Management Specialist

Enhance Your Event Experience with Booking Ninjas; we’re more than just an event management software. We provide all the technological tools to ensure your event is a success and to help you drive sustainable business growth.

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As more and more members of the traditional workforce start to understand and appreciate the gig economy, the number of startups and freelancers are expected to continuously grow in the next few years. With this trend, coworking facilities will definitely be more in demand. Only the best coworking management software will set you apart from your competition and make sure you get a good percentage of this increasing demand.

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