Booking Ninjas Property Management Features

Booking Ninjas Property Management System (PMS) is an all-in-one property management software built to help the hospitality industry automate its tasks.

From an intuitive booking engine to an easy-to-use channel manager and much more, Booking Ninjas centralizes all of your software features in one simple and efficient app.

Increase Revenue

Booking Ninjas PMS is built with robust features that allow you to monitor and customize all your operations and create revenue-driving possibilities.

Below, we explore the features that help you increase revenue with only the click of a few buttons.

Booking Engine

Easily turn your website into your direct booking generator and reduce the commission paid to third-party booking sites.

  • Receive bookings 24/7 with the booking engine even when you’re not in the office. Never miss out on the extra revenue you could be making from bookings at odd hours.
  • Spend less time on admin work and more time making money. Our booking engine helps to collect, schedule, and input bookings into your system so you don’t have to do it manually. It connects the bookings directly to the rest of the PMS thereby reducing the chances of scheduling mistakes.
  • Directly from the booking engine; your prospective guests can seamlessly check different room types, change their stay dates, inquire about packages, add-ons, or cancellation policies, and generally search for the total rate that suits their specific desires.
  • Comes with a built-in Payment Gateway so your guests can pay directly from the booking engine.
  • Our booking engine comes fully integrated with Booking Ninjas PMS, reducing complex integration needs.

Channel Manager

Our channel manager helps you maximize revenue by connecting your inventories to various OTAs. This helps you create more sources that bring in more bookings.

  • More eyes on your property could mean more bookings and more revenue. Enlarge your audience reach by connecting to all major OTA channels and 200 million visitors all over the world.
  • Take advantage of our Intelligent pricing (Dynamic pricing, Rates recommendation, Market demand data) to implement your best revenue management strategies.
  • The Channel manager is Integrated with multiple payment gateways so your guests can pay easily online. Also, enjoy full support for split pay and multi-currency.
  • Helps you know in real-time how many rooms are still available ensuring that you avoid over-booking, double-booking and under-booking.
  • Sync multiple promotions you’re running all on one platform making channel management easier than ever.
  • Give your guests the ease of making Instant bookings directly from OTAs and instant support for inquiry-based reservations
  • Full content and Average Rate Index (ARI) syncing that gives you insights into your rates based on the market pricing and pricing of your competitors. This helps you fix the perfect rates for your rooms at any given time.
  • A single dashboard for managing all your inventory and rates making sure you never get overwhelmed by managing different OTAs. Also get messages from Airbnb, Vrbo, and in one inbox.

Room Rate Controller (RRC)

The Room Rate Controller (RRC) gives you total control of your rates making sure you sell the right rooms to the right guests at the right time for the right price.

  • Keep up with the fluctuating rates in the industry by setting automated rates ahead of time with Room Rate Controller. This allows you to increase revenue and be cost-efficient.
  • Set your room/property rates to auto-change based on various rules including seasons, occupancy rates, events, national days, festivals, and more.
  • Have further factors that influence your rate structure? You can customize the RRC to add any more rules to suit your needs.
  • With just a click, connect to any third-party API to retrieve data, and analyze and suggest room rates. The suggested rates can be implemented automatically or you can choose to manually approve it
  • Your room rate updates are synced to the booking engine and all channels (OTAs) making sure your operations run as smoothly as possible.

Manage Inventories & Guests

Maximize your revenue based on your inventory, room availability, and guests with features like the reservation management system and Availability Hour Grid (AHG).

Reservation Management System

  • Our reservation management system helps simplifies day-to-day reservation operations and saves you both time and money.
  • Using the reservation system and our Room Rate Controller (RRC), set rates for different time chunks or periods that make sense for your use case. This gives you better control over your inventories; from months, weeks, and days to even hours.
  • Change your guest’s rooms and transfer all data to a new reservation of the new room with just one click.
  • Easily make all kinds of modifications to reservations including canceling reservations, rescheduling, and extending or reducing guest stay.
  • Your guests can make use of our simple but efficient Guest Portal to perform tasks such as order housekeeping, order add-ons, drop a review, change payment method, view purchase history, and more. All details are saved and kept safe on the system.
  • Group booking is made easier than ever; assign rooms to members of the group and you can also issue a combined invoice with just a few clicks
  • Give your guests a contactless and seamless check-in and check-out with everything being operated on the reservation management system.

Availability Grid

  • With the Availability Hour Grid (AHG), you can manage the availability of your rooms or properties and simplifies day-to-day reservation operations.
  • From the AHG, you can filter rooms/properties, view availability by day, week, or month, and search for reservations via guest, date, room number, and reservation number.
  • Visually control the reservation, group reservation, assigning of room, and all that pertains to your reservations.

Membership Management

  • Leverage the opportunity to upsell and increase revenue with our membership module. It allows you to give your members exclusive access to the extra features and services you offer.
  • Make use of the membership plan builder to build your ideal membership plan based on your needs. Create the following and more through the builder:
    • Membership types (lifetime, daily, annual)
    • Point earning system
    • Benefits system
    • Discounts
    • Recurring payment setting (monthly membership, annually, etc)
  • Create a database of members' information for marketing content such as newsletters to build your community.
  • Gain further insight into the behavior patterns of your guests (business insights) through their membership usage.
  • Your guests have access to an exclusive member's portal where they can perform various tasks including ordering add-ons, changing payment methods, seeing purchase history, renewing membership, seeing the latest news & updates, and more.

Owner / Guest Portal & Mobile App

  • Our owner portal and guest portal allow easier interaction with intuitive UI, reducing the need for manual front desk support.
  • Through the owner portal, you have access to features such as revenue reports, creating reservations blocking dates, and other custom requested features.
  • Through the guest portal, your guests can perform self-check-in, order housekeeping, order add-ons, review, change payment methods, and view purchase history.
  • Make use of the staff cleaner app to monitor your housekeeping staff and ensure easy communication between staff, guests, and managers all from the comfort of your phones.

Improve Operation Efficiency

Spend less and earn more by automating your finance & operations. Having efficient operations helps you boost cost-effectiveness while maintaining quality and service.

Integrated Payment System

  • Booking Ninjas supports integration with a popular payment gateway like Stripe & can integrate with your preferred custom payment gateway to make receiving payments hitch-free.
  • The payment gateway is fully integrated with our system, making sure all your payments received are safely collected at your chosen destination.
  • The payment system is also compatible with a hardware terminal for accepting payment such as a POS machine.

Integrated Hospitality Accounting Software

  • Keep cash flowing and your business growing with our accounting software which simplifies data collection & automates bookkeeping
  • Helps reduce the complications of tax filings by automatically calculating sales tax and preparing tax forms for you (based on tax law & specified format).
  • Reduce double-entry of financial data thanks to the collection of data across the PMS and identification of duplicates.
  • Integrate your favorite third-party accounting system and easily migrate data into our accounting system for easy consolidation.
  • Simplify & shorten the time you spend preparing your account consolidation to help you spot overlapping assets and diversify better.

Slack Integration

Ideal for you if you use Slack as a workplace for your team. This integration enables you to perform actions directly from the Slack app.

  • Access the reservation management features and create new reservations or modify existing reservations
  • Get personalized updates on slack from the PMS in real-time
  • View your PMS records and dashboard directly through slack channels
  • Create and update guest records/contact information through slack channels
  • Run live chat through slack and interact with your team and/or customers in real-time
  • Access the booking engine and make changes to the information on your booking page
  • You can also customize specific commands in slack to enable you to perform more actions directly from the app.

Valuable Business Insights

Interprete and shorten your sales cycles by using analytics and insight. Predict which strategies will advance your bookings and help boost revenue.

Analytics & Reporting

  • Don’t bother spending hours trying to retrieve data - All data are collected throughout the whole PMS, to extract valuable insights that were separated in different silos in other standalone systems.
  • Payment data, PMS data, reservations data, and more are all automatically collected, stored, and made accessible in the form of reports.
  • Gain access to lots of new insights from all angles of your business to adjust your marketing procedures.
  • Leverage on-the-go analytics accessed via web portal / mobile app so you can check the progress of your business from the comfort of wherever you are.
  • We’re integrated with Tableau (top data visualization tool) to help visualize your accounting & business insights.

Built with robust features and insights from experts across the hospitality industry, Booking Ninjas PMS is a well-rounded, all-in-one solution.

Sounds too good to be true? Schedule a demo with us to see the Booking Ninjas PMS in action yourself.

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