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Partnered with Salesforce: Connecting Your Business and Customers in a Whole New Way

Implementing a Salesforce PMS system enhances professional property management so businesses know their customers, personalize experiences, and win life-long fans.

Knowing your customer is the lifeblood of the hospitality industry. Remembering a small detail about someone’s preferences can elevate their experience and turn them into a loyal advocate for your business. A professional PMS system should provide tools to engage with your guests (and potential guests) on a personal level by leveraging the collective knowledge of your employees, and Booking Ninjas’ partnership with Salesforce does just that.

San Francisco-based Salesforce is the number one digital solution (customer relationship management) platform in the world providing a suite of applications that help businesses with customer management, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. Founded in 2001, the company’s goal is to personalize the experience along every step of the customer’s journey. Through their AppExchange, businesses can access a large and growing set of tools that meet every business need and offer solutions through advanced analysis and AI. When paired with the best hotel PMS software, these platforms enable your business to treat every customer like a VIP.

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Sales and Marketing

First impressions matter. A clean lobby and friendly smile have an immediate impact, but more and more customers are first “meeting” your business online. A platform like Booking Ninjas can help you with staffing and scheduling to ensure you're always putting your best foot forward in person, and Salesforce can do the same for your business in the digital space. Powerful AI tools such as Einstein Analytics can determine attractive price points for past and potential customers while analyzing buying habits to provide targeted marketing. By pairing these tools with your professional property management system, you can ensure that insights gained before a customer books their stay seamlessly flow through all stages of their experience with your business.

Customer Service

A customer found your business by searching for “hotels close to the airport.” When they check-in, you make note of their options to make sure they get to their flight on time. In a digital age, sometimes you lose access to the information that attracts customers to your business in the first place - but this is not so when you use a Salesforce PMS that allows information to flow from the first point of contact to checkout. Using these integrated systems means that you get to know your customers and that knowledge helps you to provide them with the services they need for their current stay and in the future.


Each interaction with a customer is an opportunity to learn more about them and how your business can serve their needs. The best hotel PMS system in the one that helps you to keep track of all this information and to put your business in front of them when they need you. Booking Ninjas’ advanced cloud-based platform gives you all the tools to provide professional property management services that make an impact with customers on location, and integration with Salesforce creates a virtuous loop that continues to effectively engage clients beyond their stay.

Cloud-based Platform

Cloud-based solutions offer many advantages centralizing your information and operations and performing operations that used to require hiring a team of experts to accomplish. As a leader in providing these types of solutions to businesses, Salesforce offers a suite of tools including but not limited to Service cloud, IoT cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, Community Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. Connecting your PMS to these services means your business can accomplish tasks more efficiently and with more insights into how to continue to grow.


Salesforce AppExchange makes it easy to find digital solutions that support your business and combine them with an already robust set of tools provided through Booking Ninjas. Find digital solutions to all aspects of running your property management business and have them share information across one platform. Access every aspect of your business from anywhere in the world with mobile access to all these tools.


Integrating with Salesforce is just one more way that Booking Ninjas continues to be the best hotel PMS system for the digital age. Centralizing customer data, marketing, and operations ensures that information is used to personalize experiences and create loyal customers. Your team will love having a hub for all aspects of the business. Gone are the days of switching from platform to platform depending on the task. Powerful analytics and AI tools empower all employees to know your customers and provide exceptional service from booking through to checkout. A huge and evolving set of tools and apps means Booking Ninjas partnered with Salesforce can grow with your business and offer solutions to new challenges and opportunities.

If you feel Booking Ninjas’ partnership with Salesforce might provide benefits to your property management business you can check us out on AppExchange.

Also be sure to check out our YouTube channel which provides videos detailing the benefits of the Booking Ninjas property management system!

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