It is a basic economic theory that customers are becoming smarter day by day and more demanding with new expectations. The past customer did not have a choice but to eat what they have and to buy whatever is available. But nowadays, with access to new technology and resources available freely and conveniently on the internet, customers do thorough research and keep in touch with the most updated trends and best products. Also with increased players in the market and extremely booming levels of competition, customers have more choice and alternatives to choose from. Customers have become more picky than ever.

Lets get through the following thinking process:

What are your daily activities? And what do you spend time on the most?
Do you think your activities bring in value to your property?
How do you think you can improve your property’s productivity and image?
Are you evaluating your options with the right people?
Are you aware of the change in guest expectations changing over time?
Are you prepared for these changes?

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