Booking Ninjas FAQ's
What is Booking Ninjas?


Why Booking Ninjas?

Booking Ninjas enables our customers with tools to reinvent the way they work with there guests and greatly streamline all there operations.

The application creates effcienciencies never seen before in the industry, be a customer trailblazer and early adopter, take advantage early of what we offer and what we can do for your business.

What is the best way to get started?

Booking Ninjas completey changes the way you work today which can be both initmating but yet  very exiciting.  

We ease the any fears with our deep expertise on the Salesforce platform and our deep Hospitality Experience.

The best first step is to schedule a discovery call to see if the Booking Ninjas Application is the right fit for you.

Click this link to schedule an available time- Make and appointment

What does Booking Ninjas do?

Booking Ninjas is a scalable for organizations to run all there property management operations from our cloud based application.

This means Hospitality groups and Real Estate companies can manage there Booking engine website, phone systems, point of sale, OTA/GDS booking channel integrations, financial transactions all from one place anywhere in the world and even from there phone.

We are built on the most secure and trusted cloud in the world.

How do I learn more about how to use Booking Ninjas?

Customer Success at Booking Ninjas is our number #1 priority, we pride ourselves on equipping customers with all the tools they need to step into the future and take advantage of a new chapter of possibilites.

Using Booking Ninjas is easy, but since it does so many things, you can get lost without any training.

We offer a great resource center by clicking here

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