Get to know our pricing rates on various factors

$17 / per room / per month
There are discounts available based on the number of rooms
$85 / per user / per month
This fee doesn’t apply to certain members of staff that engage in lower level activities such as cleaners and housekeeping. Their features do not require a lot of functionalities, so you are not charged for it.
/ per POS Terminal / per month
For each POS Terminal you integrate in the application, we charge $150.
Custom Pricing
AI Booking Engine for your business to enhance and instantly change business logic, based on self-learning.
Custom Pricing
Einstein Analytics, which is available on request. Additional cost is implied for each user.
Pricing Based on Usage
Phone/SMS/WhatsApp services: Facilitates easy communication between you and your customers. Phone calls will be charged separately, based on usage.
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