Buying Process to making your organization more Intelligent

Phase 1
Discovery Session
(Up to 60Min)
Our initial discussion is designed to determine the gap between where you are today and where you would like to be, according to your dreams and goals for your organization. In this phase we evaluate your current reality to create a business value use case to ensure we can determine the immediate ROI you will achieve to justify making the switch while improving your top pain points with the Booking Ninjas application. You will be surprised what we will discover and how it can impact your bottom line.
Agrees you are committed to finding a solution for your needs
Agrees you are willing to invest the effort and resources to achieve the results you want to attain
Agrees to provide access to key decision makers when appropriate
Agrees to be honest with each other and provide and feedback where seen fit
Phase 2
Data Assessment
and Implementation Session
(Up to 30 min)
In this phase, we consider it a continuation of Phase 1, where we assess together the migration procedure to ensuring a smooth transition. We dive in to how your data is stored currently. During this meeting we would advise you on the best practices to exporting your data and walk you through how we go about making the data import and seamlessly set you up on your new application.
You can come back to us when you have the necessary resources, willingness and information in tact to start the journey
Phase 3
Presentation based
on Phase’s 1 and 2
(in person or webcast)
Up to 60 min
During phase 3, we spin up a custom trial or development account either with sample or your own data. During this meeting we will walk you through how the application is organized generally and then we hand off the credentials for you to explore which is the same as what we will present to you. You can tour around the app at your own leisure or with your other colleagues who may also be using Booking Ninjas.
Phase 4
Trial Account is created
with your own
sample data

In order to innovate and take
your business to the next level, this is
collaborative process

Phase 5
Be a happy customer. Watch your company
skyrocket. Earn 5-10+X from your business
on all the factors this change will influence.
Phase 6
Be equipped
with all the latest
tools and Infrastructure
to both scale and innovate
your business

Speed of Development - Lightning Fast

Once the initial set-up is completed, you can take advantage and tap into our expertise anytime, customize your set-up even more once you start taking advantage of all the new capabilities you have

Phase 7
Customer Success and business growth
longevity is our mission.
Receive ongoing expert customer support
enabling you to run your business
and innovate like never seen before in the industry
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