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Channel Listing

Booking Ninjas offers extensive connectivity to the leading booking channels. We are constantly adding more distribution channels allowing you to control all distribution from one centralized property management system.

Our cloud-based pms allows for seamless integration to a variety of third-party travel and booking sites. The benefit of this is you’ll be able to control the rates of your hotel on all outside applications all from your mobile device. It also allows you to offer incentives on your property’s website to increase direct bookings.

An added benefit is the ability for your pms to extract crucial data such as guest information and preferences from these external applications. This makes it so you can learn more about your guests and their needs. This leads to more successful targeted marketing campaigns and gives your hotel an idea of what to focus on.

App integrations make it so you can access every bit of your customer’s information on one succinct channel manager. There’s never a need to log-in to any other system. With the Booking Ninjas property management software, you can get to know your customers like the back of your hand and take back control of your hotel from third party sites.

Below is a list of applications that are fully integratable into our property management software.

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