4 Myths about Changing your Current System

Myth #1
Data transfer
takes too long
Want to know the truth?
Truth #1

We have experience doing the most complex imports of data sets with millions of records. We advise to get started with current and future reservations and then we will import all your historic reservation and guest data as part of the migration.

We require that you provide us a csv or excel file with all the information you would like to have imported, leave the rest to us to help format and prepare the files for perfect seemless transfer to Booking Ninjas

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Myth #2
Our solution costs too much
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Truth #2

What are the key performance indicators that this change will influence? you will be surprised. We are extremely price competitive and provide our clients not only the best tech in the business, but we offer our expertise in the subject right by your side all the time - that alone is priceless.

We won't work with you until we build out the use case that we can add at least 4x return on investment with our solution. We hope you'll choose wisely.

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Myth #3
Can't Customize
Want to know the truth?
truth #3

We are the kings of customization and setting up an exact prescriptive solution for your exact business use case and goals.

We fit the system for however you would like to set up the flows of your work across all user types and roles within your organization. Not only can we setup a customizations to your internal workflows, in addition we are also adding integrations to everything you need to run your entire business from one application.

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Myth #4
Large Deployments and training across

many property locations and company departments is too difficult

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truth #4

The technology and the deep experience we have for setting up different permissions across an entire organization is extremely versatile and we can handle any situation, we also have the support of massive salesforce company with top engineers to help us through with any challenges.

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